Trickery of women with FLAT ASSES:


jaja Carl Jr's got it right!

her goal


So many dudes send us pics of chicks they meet online, or pics they found of 'hot' girls/models.  It’s really annoying me to see most of these, because you can tell the guys are caught in the Matrix.  Most of the pics sent are white girls or Latinas in thongs/bikinis, but dudes don’t see the trickery of hiding painfully obvious FLAT asses, nor do they see there is no real ass to admire on many of these chicks! They just see flat ass, showing skin and they're impressed.  It's part of the social programming that the worlds of fashion and Hollywood have stuck in your brain, along with old timers' social programming.  It was once believed that only White Women had flat asses, and it was an attribute that many guys who loved white women, were searching exclusively for.  What many did not know, due to stereotypes, was that Blacks (and other ethnics), ALSO HAD FLAT ASSES.  So men didn't have to only look for white girls, if they liked flat, non-penis-threatening, ass.  However, dudes did not LIKE the OTHER kinds of flat ass, and would quickly see that this exclusive ass class, was not so exclusive anymore, even worse, the ethnics with flat ass were judged much more poorly, than white women with flat ass, because of stereotypes that their asses should have been more full.  Not everyone subscribed to the philosophy, and many white dudes who date black women go for black women who carry that flat ass (just look, and you will see them when you're out and about).  You will rarely see the white guy who wants a black chick with stereotypical big booty- just not happening.  With the flat ass market opening up, women and clothing makers had to evolve, to trick men into liking the flat ass more, because the other men were finding that more curvaceous women were the rage! Societies were breaking the mold on what was a hot ass, and not bigger, fuller or more defined ass became more interesting because it was just that, an ass that was INTERESTING to look at and play with. What can you do with flat ass? Nothing! So the standard had been broken, in ass appreciation.

You've to understand something; your grandfather is the one who set the mold of what made women look hot, years ago, and those old, frail images of women, turned on men who were sexually threatened by women, especially if she had size to her.  We're talking about guys who were so threatened by Black men taking their women, that they'd gather the town fold to catch a black guy, then cut off that Black man's penis.  Little dick complex will never go away, and today you see the sickness in men obsessed with penis enhancement products, as he is threatened by anything that points out how small or inefficient his own penis is, especially if faced with a woman who has some girth on her ass an thighs.  Most guys can't hit it right, as you can read in our POON BLOCKAGE posting .  So that same guy, concerned with threats to his little penis, must have women with child-like lower body size, yet ironically enough wants that same body to have HUGE breast.  lol Why? Because because big breast don't threaten his small crotch.  But it goes beyond just this guy, as there is a 'fashion sense' to this size woman too.  Fashion/Hollywood heads made boney chicks hot, but have you ever stopped and thought about what guys are actually picking these women as the models you salivate over?  IT'S GAY MEN PICKING THE SKINNIEST CHICKS WITH NO ASS!  Yes, that's who decides who's hot and not, in that world. Your taste, in skinny little women, is also set by gay men. lol  That's part of the European Beauty Standards, which (in this case) specifies that skinny, mal-nutritioned, white women, with straight hair, colored yes and white skin are hot, and anything else is ugly.  I've never once had someone every tell me that a black, boney, flat assed chick was hot. lol  Everyone, from white to black, will cite 'ill she has no ass!', but the ass will be exactly the same size as the white girls and exactly the same body as the white girls.  Either way it's boring and uneventful ass that most of America salivates over.  

Now, just as a reminder to the bigger booty loving crowd, not every small ass is bad.  Ass Appreciation is about nice ass as all sizes.  A very tiny ass, that is nice and fully round is HOT.  The problem is that many are passing off the model, throw-up, bony white chicks, as the standard for all things beautiful. Well the kinds of women we might like are excluded from this group, so by nature we lash out and say "fuck their standard", but don't confuse corny, flat ass with their standard. ANY bump on the booty is called being "too fat" in the model world, and small booty with nice bump to them are not to be lumped in there with the bony shit. By our standards, below is an example of a hot, small ass (no matter what race is attached to it):



So, what causes many of us to quickly disregard smaller asses, immediately as FLAT and ugly?  It has to deal with the overall view of the back side, and sometimes some social stereotypes come to play.  Flat ass was OK for white girls, but blacks and Latinas (not Hispanics), had that African gene in them, so you expected MORE in the way of booty meat, or some kind of structure back there.  As it turned out, many people found that flat asses were not exclusive to Whites and Asians, and at the same time, realized that a little booty with nice curvature was actually BETTER than flat ass.  So that put the pressure on flat ass to try to come up with ways of look more presentable.  The secret that the flat ass loving crowd knows, which technically makes them share the same distaste in certain aspects of a flat ass, as yourself, is this key component that can sit right ABOVE the ass.  There is this SPACE, in the lower back region, that is right below the back but right above the ass/tail-bone, and depending on the body, can be shaped like all kinds of weirdness. Not every woman has this feature and not every affect is the same on a booty.  Depending on the woman's body, you might or might not even notice it.  It's independent of a female's height, so it can show up on backsides of skinny, tall chicks or fat, short chicks.  You've seen this before, right? Ok here's a normal looking lowerback/butt/Mystery Space setup:

nice mystery space

You have the form that shows up as a clump of meat that, in some positions, looks like it's part of the booty meat. It's not, btw:
ugly mystery space

Then you have the flat kinds,  that don't protrude, but are very long and makes a chick look like a Frankfurter dog!:
ugly ms

Then you have the ones that look like a wide, flat cutting-board shape, extending off of the back and intruding on the space on top of the booty, most case making a WIDE look:
ugly ms

And nearly every shot you see with a chick that has a weird Mystery Space, you'll notice her arching, bending to try to fool your eyes into ignoring that space. Yes, women were aware of this space way before you!

Many women know this space, and HATE IT themselves, so try a bunch of trickery so that you don't notice this space.  In most flat assed women, this space is painfully obvious.  The Mystery Space makes the ass look LONG or makes the back look LONG, but mostly it affects the way the booty looks overall. It can be a fat space, it can be oddly shaped, it can by curved/slanted and you think that's part of the ass, when it's not.. We call it the 'MYSTERY SPACE' because is it back, it is top of butt? You never know depending on the girl's body.  Photographers position these chicks in ways to give illusions of a nice full ass, and to hide this region.  This page will feature a few  webcam pics and clipping that people have passed to me thinking these chicks have nice asses. If you want to see our standard for a nice ass, which can be applied to ANY ass you're looking at regardless of size, check this out.   This link shows you how to factor the Mystery Space into the picture of the ass shots that you're seeing. Most times, you're seeing the Mystery Space being covered up and your eyes only go to what you think is ass, but you can NOT ignore the Mystery Space when judging and ass because it is important to the overall view.  In fact, the Mystery Space will end up looking like it's part of the overall booty meat on the backside, when it's not. The most common trick is arching the backso much that the Mystery Space looks like the top of the butt, to the untrained eye. If you notice though, the ass crack is no where near the Mystery Space, so you can't, logically, have ass cheeks where you have no ass crack separating them, right (which separates the meat thus producing 2 separate ass cheeks)? So any area above the ass cheeks is not booty meat! The illusions are at work:

Arching / Bending 


Along with the bending/arching, a more common approach to hiding this is to just mask it with garment!

ugly ms

These are 2 of the main tricks when it comes to showing off ass that isn't really as nice as you think. More times than not, you'll see this Mystery Space wreck the view of a booty that belongs to a smaller chick.  Many white girls, Latinas and Asians are plagued with very visible Mystery Spaces that affect their booties' shapes.  Flat ass chicks 9 times out of 10 have this.   Still, many guys just see skin and are all in love and paying for flat ass seduction. Yuck! lol  It's only until you realize what's going on that you demand better from your Pay Pal chicks. You're caught up in the Matrix, loving that corny ass. Below is corny ass but because the photographer is so good (arching her over, giving many distraction points), along with the photoshop person's work being excellent, you'd see she's pretty, showing lots of skin but if you zero'd in on the ass, it's flat!


Sometimes it's not so obvious as this pic, but as you can see, the asses are wack but to make it worse, the panties don't match the backside, making it that much more painful to watch. 
wack ass before tricks
This is why women and manufacturers have teamed up to make things not so obvious (to trick you, and make ladies falsely feel better about wack backsides).  Let's go through the most common tricks in magazines, tv and internet, to mask uneventful, flat ass, or just asses with questionable parts.  You're like "Questionable Parts?" and yes you might not know this, but all of the Manufacturers of women fashion know these areas that they don't like. So they have to come up with gimmicks to get around this stuff.  We'll have to break down the science.


ugly mystWhat's the magic behind the shenanigans? Thong/ Panty / Bikini makers knew about white chicks with no ass's problems, centuries ago, so they created this TRIANGLE-BACK design, a huge BAND that covers up the whole lower back, ridiculously hiked up BOY SHORTS granny panties, or crazy but cool optical illusion designs to the top of the panties, to lay over the “MYSTERY SPACE”.  Look at most chicks' tan lines, GRANNY PANTIES!  They knew that the Mystery Space can make an ass look very unappealing, when otherwise it would be a slamming ass, if you could only ignore the Mystery Space.  From that point on, womens clothes makers tried to make clothing to deal with this mostly unappealing backside look, trying to HIDE the fact that the chick has NO ASS and/or that this strange space is all exposed.  The basic idea is that the Mystery Spaces are too long, and the ass looks too long, but also there is the fact that the ass cheeks don't separate well enough to properly plug a thong on that backside. In many cases, the ass crack is too low, too little, and not deep enough to make proper booty meat form, and you're wearing these panties to show off the booty meat, right?  For manufacturers, the ultimate, insecurity erasing panties, would hide the Mystery Space, make cheeks look more full and round with cut outs, and optically make an ass crack look deeper and longer than it really is.  

Defeating the Mystery Space, is the main focus of white booty panties and bikini makers.  The key to dressing up unattractive asses, starts there, because previously, this was just 'a white thing', if you asked anyone, when clearly it's more universal than many want to believe- I'm looking at you black people, and you SOUTH AMERICANS who are doing plastic surgery, by the second, to the ass!  I've personally witnessed a 15 inch long Mystery Space- no not 15 inch backside, the Mystery Space itself was 15 inches! At the bottom was a cute ass too, didn't matter, couldn't take her to the beach, had to fuck her and leave her in the hotel room- and yes I slipped food to her by throwing it over our balcony wall. Blame the Mystery Space, not me!   So what the panties today do, is use the Triangle Masking technique which is covering that space, and/or trying to hide a very small ass crack, to make it look like it could possibly be longer (thus equaling a more full ass).  The trick of the triangle is delicate. Like this pic to the left, the triangle is small, but it makes her look WIDE now. However, the eyes gravitate to the tiny triangle, and now your eyes put her almost non-existent ass cheeks into perspective, and you say 'oh, that's a nice ass'.  It's the triangle masking that pulled that off, and you forgot about the wide Mystery Space.  If it's not this triangle, then they've made it fashionable to wear BIKINI SKIRTS to hide the flat ass and let a G string's top hang out to make you think there is more ass up top. lol  For this reason, if a woman actually has an ass, she MUST get a bikini or thong that has MINIMAL lower back coverage possible, or it completely messes up the look of her thong/bikini, and gets in the way of an ass that has a nice "bump" coming off the back as enters the butt cheat area, a la Apple Bottom. That shows that the huge triangle backed thong or clothing to mask that ugly mystery space is real! Take a look at this pic to the right, WTF is that she's wearing? A fucking reverse apron, perhaps? What is hot about that?  NOTHING! Just covering up that ugly backside. So clothing makers are in on the conspiracy to fool onlookers!  In fact, many makers use that triangle design and arch the design around the edges of the panties, to carve out skin of the Mystery Space, so it looks like fuller ass cheeks up top.   It does fool most onlookers, the cut out for the legs make all that area look round! They also make panties that look like the panty is all in the ass and that a woman has a longer ass crack than she really has, trying to defeat the Pig Tail with Mystery Space look, which no one likes.  I know, you don't believe that part either, but consider this: Where is the ass crack on the picture below?

scrunchYou don't know where it is, that's part of the trickery. The ass crack is a RUFFLED design, made to make you think that the booty meat is so much that it's pulling so tight on the panties that these scrunches are made! This ass (albeit on a mannequin) is NOT full like that, there is no need for that design unless you're trying to fool someone, right or wrong?  Also, look at how LONG the ass crack would have you think it is: all the way up the top of the booty. That would have to be some ass to create that affect, so not only would an woman wearing this be trying to fake size of the overall ass crack, she's trying to fake the size of the booty itself like it's busting out like The Hulk from his pants. lol I call SHENANIGANS!  This is a popular Brasilian make of panty, called the RIO or Scrunchy Bottom panties. Very popular for flat asses, Pig Tails, asses with tiny, weak ass crack/ Ass Smile definitions.  So if you create a false ass crack that rides high, not only does the booty meat look more full and shapely, but you also artificially SHRINKS THE MYSTERY SPACE! You can see they took into consideration the many things we discuss about the ass. Look at the BOOTY I LIKE section, they're trying to fake these with clothing, as seen below:

Then there is the classic, granny panties updated HUGE BACK panties/bikinis (as opposed to the smaller, triangle backed panties with the triangle up higher to allow a thonged loog), which is designed to cover up the WHOLE backside. It is needed, in many cases, but women do not feel sexy with these on- errrrrr SOME times of women don't feel sexy with them on.  OTHERS, get confidence in these panties, because they're covering up everything. Who'd try to pose in updated granny panties? Uhm the kind of people who think having a huge, wide, flat bad ghetto booty, means you have an Apple Bottom that looks good in anything, like this pic below: :)
And what was the purpose of taking this shot with everything covered up, again?  Notice, the Mystery Space is long, fat, and the ass itself is flat and wide. So this is the design made for this ass, however, she STILL thinks they make her look sexy!  Manufacturer WINS!

Then you have the Boy Shorts updated version of the granny panties, where the design is really elongated, and stretchy, to allow for almost ANY kind of long ass to fit in.  People think that boyshorts are a 1 size fits all, but you're ignoring how manufacturers have to address the Mystery Space that is too long and big.  The result is a boyshort styled thin "barely there/ no panty line" panty:

and as you can see, it did a good job covering up that Mystery Space, however, there is MUCH MORE Mystery Space that didn't get covered, by the panties. It's not possible to make these work for every woman, due to the Mystery Space varying so much. Also, do you think a woman with minimal Mystery Space could fit these panties?  Just because you buy big drawers, that doesn't mean THIS design is for you, because if you have a lot of meat but minimal Mystery Space, you'd defeat the purpose of this design, completely.  You need a long Mystery Space for these panties, that's why they were made!

You'd hit that right?

This same attitude, to hiding ugly Mystery Spaces, in panties/bikini, applies to more types of fashion, and has for ages!  Remember womens' jeans in the 80s?  They were very ugly due to the waistline featuring the anti-Mystery Space very long backside! Observe these:

Today, they're updated the design, it's not gone away because these asses have not gone away!

So jean makers had to show off tiny, flat ass, but cover that Mystery Space, and make jeans that highlighted ass, look cool.  Every chick was always bending in these style jeans. lol You know why now!  Since most flat-ass lovers really crave little, baby girl's bodies/asses, Calvin Klein brought in Brook Shields to sexily model their pants.  Again, flat, small ass obsession stems from your child molester genes of your daddy and grand daddy, as Calvin Klein surely showed back then, because Brook Shields was 15 YEARS OLD posing with no bra, open shirt and these jeans, like a slut.  lol Nice gentlemen nice!!!! Fucking PERVS! The irony is Kim Kardashian had done a mock up   of the Brook Shield's flat ass jeans ad, as the "in" white girl with ass in jeans- glad they didn't get Hanna Montana!!!!  Obviously, that Mystery Space cut is gone from today's womens jeans, but today's jeans makes didn't see what old school designers saw, that ugly Mystery Space.  Notice how the Hipster Jeans / Low Rider jeans fad came and left, because Mystery Space was being SHOWN now, and the term MUFFIN TOP came into play as the Mystery Space got fatter for the public to enjoy- or not enjoy! lol  Had to go!!!  The low rise jeans only further highlighted nasty backsides and go look on the net, or see ads for those jeans, NO ONE WANTS YOU TO SEE A FULL ON BACKSIDE SHOT! lol Mystery Space!  Still, whether or not the ladies had jeans on, their underwear were hiked way up the ass, to subconsciously cover this space.  Pull the jeans down, what kind of undies were these ladies wearing? More Mystery Space hiding, Triangle Backed panties!

This pics show that triangle design, jacked high up on the back, meant to be hiked up the ass to cover that 10 inches of long back/long ass, but also make the ass cheeks look rounder with the round outer design! In fact, the asses are very flat, and have a LONG look to them.  The yellow squares show where the ass really is, way down below, and NOT where that thong tries to tell you where the ass is. The arrows show you where the panties want you to think the ass is, to make the ass look full, but you can clearly see that the yellow box is where ass really is.  The lace is used as a distraction from the Mystery Space.

This trick is to make a flat, Pig Tail booty look more full, and fake you into thinking the ass crack is higher than it really is.  This is to combat the Pig Tail look to a booty. I'm telling you, everyone but YOU has been hip to these tricks, forever!  Look at how the trick fails on a plainly flat ass here.  That's why Hip Huggers are NOT popular, they were making way too many chicks' bodies look deformed and disgusting, if their bodies weren't skinny/boney, with normal looking backsides.  Why highlight long flat areas, which only show your ass is flat too?  A big FAIL, if you have a long, flat ass.

MISDIRECTION: IGNORING/DRESSING UP THE BAD SPOTS, so you focus on only very bottom of the booty

     Another technique, used by clothes makers, is to make something that flat assed chicks can drape, completely covering that flat area, or the panties are made in the style of the granny panties, redressed as Boy Shorts.  The just cut out the leg section to be more shapely, and you think the ass is bulbous, but you have completely ignored everything else about the backside, and focused on what you think is the good bulge.  We see this A LOT!  Peep this pic below, do you see the point of the panties design?
wtf is the point of this design??
It has a bow, to make your eyes focus on the area above the actual ass, and then there is this circular cutout where there is no ass crack or anything so what was the purpose of this design? Notice it's a distraction, way before the booty begins, and this cut was clearly made to fit over a billboard sized Mystery Space.  I have seen it modeled, by a chick with an Apple Bottom, but it looks WEIRD, like breasts on your ass, and still was tasteless.
Because it's the Mystery Space, no one can accurately judge where the meat/skin will end, from woman to woman, and the result is something the only ends up showing much more skin and elongated backside, than intended (basically having the reverse effect).

See how much more obviously long the panties ended up making the backside appear?  On top of that, you don't even see the ass cheeks beginning to form, until way way under the body, and they're pointy at that.  She needs bigger drawers to hide more of the Mystery Space, and that's why so many ladies wear the granny panties or just something to cover the WHOLE BACK SIDE. It's easy to do, just hike up the updated granny panties!


Again, this is another very common trick, by those with no ass, or those looking to film chicks and make the ass look better than it really is.  You start with a chick who has a long, flat, wide, fat, Mystery Space, but instead of have that be in the picture, or even try to cover it up with panties, simply throw a shirt, skirt, wrap, something to blanket the Mystery Space, so people can't focus there. Then this keeps their attention focused on looking for available SKIN to look at, since they're starving to see skin. The viewer looks down and there is skin, there is a tiny bit of booty meat handing out, and in most cases, the guys are so fucking horny they don't even notice the Mystery Space, or even the fact that the ass is not worth 4 seconds of horny eye-balling. What is intended here, is to make an ass look better than is really is by of course masking the Mystery Space, but more importantly, taking advantage of a nice Ass Smile of a booty, or THE VIEW, of a booty, and then your brain will pretend the rest of the booty is perfect. The better The View and/or Ass Smile, the better the picture looks, and the more your brains ignores everything else about the booty.  So the woman modeling, or photographer will play the pretend game of suggestion, with you, normally using a dress or something, but will lay the shit out in a way for your brain to animate the rest of the half told story, to make it look better than it really is, by presenting you with the best part of the booty they're showing.  Your brain does a quick check:
1) size I like? (check)
2) shape I like? (check)
3) full view available? (shit! full view is blocked! Well what CAN I see and be happy with?)  Check available skin showing in lowest quarter of booty (check)
4) conclude the whole booty must be fully round, like the only available showing area, although the rest if obstructed from view (check).
It's like a Peek-a-boo of booty, it's toying with you, hoping you don't notice the truth.  How FULL does this booty look if you quickly glanced at the skin area, without noticing anything else?  That Ass Smile is very nice, the legs are separated so you don't know if there is major clunkage between them, in the thigh area, the Mystery Space is hidden but it does look like it is elongated and flat up top. You see a pear shaped woman, so that rings with most guys who like size, you have all you need to say that's a Good Ghetto Booty, in your mind.  
In reality, it's most likely a Pig Tail. She has heels, she is bending like crazy leaning against a wall and the bending is making the booty meat look more round and firm than it really is. If it were really full, the dress should be draped on it indicating the fullness. It's just laying plainly on top of a booty that is most likely only good in its innermost/bottom most part of the ass.

Here's the game of "tease you, with a little skin, and make you focus on only the cheeks!"

Tactic #1: "Oh cool design" distraction
You're looking at the ass and you're all amazed because the panties have some kind of distraction on them, that makes you somehow NOT focus on that horrendous Mystery Space that it is concealing. It's a clever technique, because most times you have absolutely idea that you're being tricked so as not to focus on the area it's sitting right on top of! So manufacturers do things like putting a huge, odd or creative design on top of the panties, right on the Mystery Space, or they try to dress up the Mystery Space, so your focus is there, and when you're bored, you do NOT look in that area anymore, you're checking for your intended target, the ass.  It doesn't always work, most times, the smart guy will not be pleased with the effects.  Observe:

Look how far down the ass crack is, and notice how there is no ass here. Now check how LONG the backside looks. None of that was the first thing you looked at though, it was the BUTTERFLY/Dragon that stood out the most! That's the area that steals the attention, and at first you don't realize how terrible this ass is. Now WHY would someone make drawers with something so HUGE in this area? Those panties can't fit chicks with Apple Bottoms, or even Good Ghetto Booties, it's ONLY made for the flat assed, or someone with enough room to have this sit flat, on the Mystery Space!  It's meant to dress up that plain, uneventful area, must like a Tramp Stamp.

And look at this design here, they finish off the Mystery Space with series of crosses of fabric, designed to fool you into thinking... I don't know what they were aiming for. Check it out.

Note, you can't actually just put this on.  You have to have enough hips and back fat to make the strings NOT be loose, here, although there is a tie. So this is also intended for a LOT of area ABOVE the booty meat, which is not booty meat itself. Think about it, would ANY of those extra ties be worth anything, if the woman didn't have a big, fat, long, wide Mystery Space?   There is not much ass there, and it's under the booty. You can see a long, flat plane backside, with tiny, pointy ass cheeks, and wide hips and leg fat.  And where do these guys get these designs to tie up fat, from, as if tied up fat is appealing to men?  Oh wait, it IS appealing to men, right?  The idea came from TIED PORK! Those string hook onto the meat the same way. So if that woman has meshed meat from hip/Mystery Space fat, TIE IT UP and it's now attractive to meat lovers! You're so distracted, you're thinking about roast pork!

In most cases, the women are not so bold as to show you the Mystery Space, at all, so they're most likely to go for a panty cut that does this right here:

Why? Because she's effectively covered up the Mystery Space with the "cool ruffles design" (red/pink is better than black though), masked that her ass crack is too low and not deep, and therefore you might not know there isn't much booty meat at all. Then she has the leg cutouts looking round and looking bulbous in the innermost ass cheeks, in the lowest part of the booty.  The imagination would tell most people that this booty is an APPLE BOTTOM, because they're looking at the SKIN that is showing, and filling in the rest of the curvature, in their minds, thinking it's a perfect semi-circle to that backside!  Trust me, this panty cut works on MOST men!

Tactic #2: The "Pretend Upskirt shot"- 'I'm privileged to see at least SOME skin!'
This is heavily used by many chicks on the internet, but also by photographers who have suddenly found themselves with women with no asses, or have only asses in the lowest 1/4 of the booty.  What do you do to make that zero assed chick look more appealing?  Simple,  there is the technique to completely cover up the flat, upper portion of the booty/back, and to ONLY SHOW YOU THE SKIN where there seems to be some curvature, at the bottom of the booty.  Angle the shot and cover up the Mystery Space and you're GOLD!  It's a kin to dudes going stupid over seeing ANY girl with her thong showing, while she's wearing pants.  As long as ANY skin is showing, dudes go ape shit for dumb ass reasons.  Oh yeah, that makes this one is the most used trick in the book!  If they completely cover the flat top, your eyes will fill in the rest, and you will assume the TOP IS AS ROUND AS YOU PERCEIVE THE BOTTOM TO BE.  All you need to do is show skin, have a thong, and guys faint!  Peep here:

What is the common denominator?  The INNMOST ASS CHEEKS are the only parts that look curvaceous, due to Ass Smiles being present, however, the asses themselves are flat, the Mystery Space is flat, there isn't any real booty meat but the dangling innermost parts of the ass.  So THIS is what pokes out in these kinds of shots, and then you assume the whole ass is perfectly round, when only 1/4 of the ass is round, if that. Still, you feel rewarded, and she looks more freaky than if she just paraded around in a thong, showing the whole ass. That tease is what a lot of guys pay for, and swear the whole booty is OFFICIAL!  90% of the time, it's NOT, which is why they're resorting to these tactics.

In most cases, the area of ass that they're making looking like it's a full ass, is in this pic below.  Unmask the tricks, and that's the REAL booty you're being fooled with.  THAT is a candidate for this trick 100% of the time and that innermost/bottomost dangling butt fat is the part that is the rounded to be found.

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