WE know that many guys claim to like a chick with a nice fat ass, but how much is TOO MUCH ass? Some people see no limits to the amount of ass they can handle, or so they think, in a classic, eyes eat more than your body can handle scenario, but I think that once your chin reaches her ass while you're behind her, that's a little too much. I think guys need to rethink what they're really doing here when they're telling chicks that they like the nasty lard asses they have, because many woman are inspired to keep eating like pigs, in hopes of gaining ass. People talk about the epidemic of anorexia, but what about the sickness of chicks OVEREATING IN HOPES OF BEING CALLED 'THICK' one day?  It's true! Ask anyone in the south and many chicks who had flat asses until they pigged out or gained weight after having babies! Men who don't know what a nice ass is, are encouraging women to get sloppy and are bedding these chicks left and right. It seems, any old huge set of fat meat, on your backside, will do for most men! YUCK!!!  I hear black women making fun of black guys who go out and get a PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl) because they tend to be overweight, but these black women don't see they're FAT TOO! The guy just wanted a change in flavor, but the size preference is still the same for him, HUGE!  

If a chick has too much ass, chances are, she has too much back fat, thigh fat and ass fat combining together in her midsection and her figure has eroded. The most important issue raised by this is how the hell can you get your penis fully into a chick when she has all that fat obstructing your line of operation?  You can't do any real penetration with all that meat in your way, unless you're over 8 inches- and you'll be lucky if even 2 inches of that makes it into her! If a chick has a droopy ass and lots of inner-thigh fat, you can not hope to get a good position on that in doggy style.  Fortunately for you, unfortunately for me, I've had a chick go from 150lbs to 230lbs, so I have some info to help you get through this (uhm yes that phase of my life is gone! I'll never fuck a huge chicks again!) . Shit was hard to get a boner every night, and I felt like grabbing the car jack and jacking her thighs apart so I wouldn't have to waste so much energy trying to hold her legs up! uhhh What a pain. So let's explain how to tackle your new fat girlfriend!  This guide is also helpful for guys who have a chick who just dropped a baby and is now 100lbs fatter. You're facing a totally different animal and you should be prepared for this view every night!

I can hear her voice now: "Why don't you make love to me like you used to??"

Didn't lose your lunch yet? Good boy! Let's proceed

I know your pain though... she'll NEVER be able to do this, (press play)

Click here if you can't see the video

Which makes you wonder why even fuck with a big chick when they limit all fun sex to just very basic movements and they're a burden on your body! The most you can hope for is this 


Bring her some cake or something to eat, to distract her while you try to figure out what the fuck is exactly in front of you here and what angles are you going to have to hit to be in that.  While she's eating that cake, take a look at her ass and imagine doggy style with her.  Know that, when you get a big chick in doggy style, all that saggy extra thigh meat, droopy ass meat and belly meat get in the way of your strokes.  You lose up to 5 inches of dick because you can't even reach the pussy due to the deep pocket the pussy sits in, due to all the fat surrounding the coochie. This means you can't hit her Gspot, you can't get good pleasure and you'll be banging away at air! You can't fuck a fat chick unless you're working with MAJOR HARDWARE and or you're creative! Take a look at this first shot. That's about 5 inches that can't get in there, from most angles, you'll have to position yourself to get around the fat obstructions! That fat is blocking your thighs, stomach, pelvis...

You must switch up the angles to try to find some way in this. You MUST keep her steady while you work (or bring her a bigger piece of cake to eat) because if she moves, you could very well break off your dick! It really hurts, it happened to me once she broke my bed. Another bad thing about angles is if you don't hit the right one, and she moves, you're even further out from where you need to be, in her hole! Now you've even more body fat to combat against!  Aim straight on with her, shorten the distance. As you can see from the pics, I wasn't joking when I said you need a car jack to separate her legs! That fat converges on your target area and you can't get any work done. You're basically fucking her fat at this point! Great! A handjob could have been better!



This is a technique used by amateurs and pros alike. It is a way to get your penis into the well-layered, hard to access crotch area of a chick with too much fat in the way of the pussy (due to sagging ass, inner thigh fat crowding).

First, start by actually spotting where the glory hole is actually located. It's going to be hard but align your penis up into the hole. You can also visit your local Army and Navy store or Mining store for equipment like a search light.  You will notice the fat from the ass and thighs collapsing around your penis, causing friction and slowing down strokes but have no fear, the technique is here.
Take your right hand and press firmly down upon the thigh/ass of the fat chick.  Next, move the handful of meat you've pressed against, out and around towards the front of the thigh. You'll notice that you'll be moving a lot of fat out of the way of her crotch area if you keep your hand firmly pressed while turning the fat away. Now notice the new view you have, pretty isn't it? You can actually see the coochie now, can't you!
Finally, with your hand still firmly pressed up the fat thighs and the outward motion is still held, press down with your palm while continuing to channel the rest of the fat (back fat, hip/upper thigh fat) out of the way and keep that pressed. You will also have to use your other hand to pin up the fat from the droopy ass so that it doesn't leak into your target area (the coochie area).  Now, with your grips held on the obstructive meat, you can poke away and get nothing but hole! Smooth sailing from there!
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