APPLE BOTTOMS: Clarification
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Now THIS, I think we can all agree is a true Apple Bottom!
Would you clap that T.O.?

Now, we've seen the sloppy fat asses, and we've seen the flat asses, but what about in between? There is a GOLD STANDARD of ass today, heart assand it's universally known as the APPLE BOTTOM, formerly known as the HEART SHAPED ASS The Apple Bottom is a much better name for the asses that we should appreciate, as a heart shaped ass can apply to many asses that AREN'T apple bottoms. This is why we formerly retire that reference to 'a nice ass is shaped like a heart' because white boys who like stringy skinny chicks describe their boney asses by the 'heart shape'. Obviously, boney chicks don't have applebottoms. For instance, an ass can be completely flat on top, but at the very bottom of the ass, start to curve and be defined quite well. That's an ASS SMILE ass, that if she bend over, it would make a heart shaped ass, but CLEARLY, that is not an apple bottom. Also, an ass can be sloped at top, but fully bulbous at the bottom, and that's a Tear Drop, but not an Apple Bottom Why? Because to be an apple bottom, that ass has to take off of the lower back and bulge out from there, not be flat and then LATER form an ass right before it goes into the leg.  apple When you see an apple bottom, versus an ass smile, there is NO WAY that you can do a full face implant into an ass smile kind of ass, like you can with an apple bottom.  There is not enough room for that.  But at the same time, too much ass, you can also implant your face into but it might get stuck in that ghetto booty or lard ass, and come out with shit stains on it. A ghetto booty is NOT as apple bottom either. At some point, the ghetto booty might have been an apple bottom, but due to overeating and general laziness, the ass moved to ghetto booty or went straight to lard ass, from apple bottom. See, apple bottom is the ass you MUST STOP AND STARE AT!  It's THE PERFECT ASS!  Many people argue that a ghetto booty is too big, and many argue that an ass smile is way too small, but everyone agrees when they see an apple bottom, that it's a damn good sight to see!

I promise you, when you see an apple bottom, you'll know and you'll do whatever it takes to get your face implanted into it like so (look at dude's eye area) LOL:

Can't do that with a flat ass, or regular heart shaped ass! So let's begin to clarify exactly what's an apple bottom ass versus what's NOT.
applebottom logoThere are many asses that are damn close to apple bottom's perfect status, but fall short for a reason or two. Some asses just don't start off the back with a good start, and that is what helps define the apple bottom.  It's not that you have the ass that's like the 'bottom' of an apple (that's what Heart Shaped Ass was about), it's that YOUR BOTTOM is shaped LIKE AN APPLE!   As Nelly's clothing line logo even has it, there is a TOP to match that BOTTOM, of the apple, to give it an apple bottom shape! Well guess what? SO TOO MUST THE ASS HAVE A TOP TO BE CONSIDERED AND APPLE BOTTOM!  If we don't adhere to the standard, then anything and their mamas will be ruining it very soon, as they all will claim to be apple bottoms. Then they're egos will go through the roof, as it already is in NY, LA and Miami! Huge fat chicks and boney skinny chicks think they have apple bottoms, but their asses are mashed up like apple sauce!



Because so many are confused as to what is exactly, an Apple Bottom, we have to section this shit off so you can see what is clearly NOT an apple bottom, and what is one. When you are faced with an apple bottom, the ass cheeks are very well defined, often in perfectly round shapes, where they each look like two volley balls! Your has to bend to it's contours. As it completely evident in the picture above, there are two whole ass cheeks defined very well on that butt. it's not overrun with fat, unlike a ghetto booty. The crack of the ass comes right off of the lower back, forms, remains deep so you can see the ass cheak perfectly separated, and each ass cheek can be grabbed individually. vidassThe apple bottom has no cellulite on it, it's round without a woman having to completely bend over. It's just ROUND, in every possible angle that you look at it!  And to highlight the picture right, you can clearly see the UNDER part of the ass is not crowded up so you can clearly see the under part of the ass defined well, two nice perfect round ball shaped cheeks, and deep ass impressions going into the thighs! With apple bottoms, the ass is CLEARLY separated completely from the ass and the thighs. In some cases, you must look at the as straight on, like this shot, to see the complete separation, because a side view might not show you the full scope of ass, but the side view is VERY important, as it will show you the shape of the apple bottom, and how it can't be a droopy one! A magazine said Kelly HU had an apple bottom, because of this picture. Her as is FLAT! Get real dudes. Just because she's thin and ass is drooping out the bottom of her pants, don't be fooled by skin showing. The bottom has a collection of fat coming out under the ass, but it's not an apple bottom, sorry, white guys and asians.


Let's take  a look at some asses claiming to be apple bottoms. We'll examine the views from different angles, because this ass is NOT easy to mistake for a bad one, in ANY angle!

UNDER VIEW: This is a shot UNDER the ass, there is no separation of thighs, ass and hip fat. There is minimal creasing. Now look where yellow hand is. There is this HUMP of fat coming off the top of the ass, before the ass crack even begins.  This is what a lot of dudes is fooled into thinking is ass fat, when it's back fat! This is why that long back/long ass space is a mystery space. Is it part of back fat or ass fat? If it's ass fat, then this is a long ass because look where the crack starts, way below. So NOT an apple bottom even in this view, it's apparent! Still, most guys see this ass they think Apple Bottom. Fucking dummies!

SIDE VIEW (top of ass): Take notice now, at the top of the ass. Where the first picture highlighted that lump of fat on top of the ass, this one doesn't have the lump of of fat to fool you. See how this ass does not get off to a good start, coming off of the lower back? It doesn't JUMP right off the back like an apple bottom is supposed to do. It droops down, but way later, at the bottom, begin to form. It's an ass that at one point was a good Tear Drop or Ass Smile and gained a lot of fat. You can see it does actually get good definition under the ass (making it a heart shaped ass) but clearly isn't an apple bottom. It's moving out of the former tear drop phase and is just turning into a droopy bottom, like a PIG TAIL kind of ass!! It can NEVER be an apple bottom. There is to much mush on it and no top to the ass!

MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Very nice asses, just not in the right classes!

I think, in a of cases, they guys are mistaking a cute face and then seeing a plane butt, say "oh that's an apple bottom" when they really mean, "oh that's a cute, tiny, butt". In many cases, guys are mistaking her cuteness for an apple bottom when they're all in love with the small size of her body. They're not looking for the top of the ass, that an apple bottom carries, they're looking at the lower portion of her ass only, and how cute it looks in shorts or thong. Other times, it's actually hard to distinguish the type of ass, without a side profile shot, but using other common tricks we see, we can tell the shape of the ass is not an apple bottom, but a Tear Drop, really, which doesn't mean it's bad, because it's clearly NOT BAD, it's just not an apple bottom.  Take a look at this picture here to the left (girl in red bathing suit), this is an apple bottom that is on the larger end of the class, right before it reaches a perfect ghetto booty status (if it got any bigger).  See how the ass jumps off the back? That's an apple bottom. The ass is perfectly round from top to bottom, 180 degrees! Now take a look at the ones sent in from reader, in the right side of section. Although they're clearly both NICE asses, they're simply NOT of the apple bottom breed!
An example of this is the Latina, PINKY, from porn. Lots of latinas have the 'indian' in their genes, mixed with the African and that produces the BEST Tear Drop asses. LATELY, she has a huge ghetto booty (as her fans demands of her) but it's quickly moving to sloppy status, but she started off in a classic Tear Drop shape that was gorgeous. The early Pink didn't have a top of the ass that jumped off, and still doesn't but because the bottom of her ass sloped nicely and rounded off nicely, as she got fatter, the ass grew to proportion! She has a ghetto booty now, but it's maintaining the shape of the tear drop she came into the game with, it's just not as nicely defined at it once was, which this picture here captures. Right now, her ass is HUGE but that's a ghetto booty, and it's top of the class in the Ghetto Booty class now, and is not an apple bottom! It surely does look like one in jeans, but that's because jeans lift up the tear drops and flat asses.  Look at the pics sent in by readers (to the right). You'll see that they are all nice asses, but not Apple Bottom status!

A classic mix up, which is easy to see how most mix it up, not knowing what the true apple bottom is supposed to look like, is a confusing with the Apple Bottom and a well defined Tear Drop. Both are very sexy, different men have their favorites (Blacks the Apple Bottom, Latinos the Tear Drop). The TOP of the ass separates these two classes of ass! If there is no top, it's not apple bottom!

First up is a black/asian mixed girl. The Asian part is probably why this ass is put into the Tear Drop form, when combined with the black jean that wants to force the booty to Apple Bottom or ghetto booty size. The result is a tear drop (much like black/indian descendant Latinas). She is wearing huge high heel and is arching back, while posing hard on her left leg, this gives the left ass cheek a look like it's HIGHER up, and make it look like an apple bottom is supposed to start, but the left that's resting, the right leg, is bent and shows the true shape of the right cheek, which shows you how the ass really looks. While it's not an apple bottom, because the top of the ass DOES NOT SPRING OFF, it's a late blooming ass, but blossoms wonderfully later, it's CLEARLY a TEAR DROP!  This is the best of it's class, in the Tear Drop category! So the reader was mistaken only because it really is a fine ass, just not in the apple bottom class. Now you see why we need the distinctions!

You can't be serious about this one, people. This chick is cute, nice and photoshopped up
to perfection, but I know you don't think this is an apple bottom. The top of the ass doesn't exist at all! It is a late bloomer ass, has something happening at the bottom as it starts to move out nicely, but this is the bottom of the scale of Tear Drops. It's a nice, cute, tiny ass, but it's still a Tear Drop, not an apple bottom. That's another reason we needed the classifications. Just because it's a nice ass, it's not an apple bottom, it's nice for it's class, which is a very accute Tear Drop. You can see it's not a flat ass, it's quite tiny but shapely!

Another clarification, which is kind of hard to make, in many cases, is the one between Apple Bottom and Ghetto Booty!  The shape of both can be exactly the same, if it's a good Ghetto Booty, but the SIZE difference is what sets these two apart.  An Apple Bottom is supposed to be like an apple, small to medium, with it's form, but not HUGE. So while they two might be shaped the same, and still it's a nice, juice Ghetto Booty that's the top of it's class, it's not an apple bottom because it's WAY TOO HUGE!  Compact and tight, when you think Apple Bottom, HUGE AND CONCRETE when you think a nice Ghetto Booty!
Below is a tight Apple Bottom, notice the size.

Look at these two gorgeous women! Once nice and extra sexy CHOCOLATE, the other succulent Vanilla (German to be exact). Both asses are round from every imaginable angle, for sure! Both have huge lift to them, Don't need a pair of pants to give them lift, but unlike the Apple Bottom in it's VOLLEY BALL size, these asses are EXTRA LARGE LIKE BASKET BALL SIZE!! Still, look how extremely juicy they are!  If they were smaller in size, they'd clearly be Apple Bottoms, but it's an APPLE, people, not a WATERMELON BOTTOM. lol There two asses are at the TOP of the Ghetto booty ladders! So while they're extra nice, they are still NOT apple bottoms! Close but no cigar!

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