HAPPY GAP: Definition: The little space between select females' upper thighs and just below her cooter as she stands or walks with legs together. The open space forms the shape of a diamon, a triangle, or at its best a HEART. It is usually reserved to fit/thin girls as chubby thighs tend to crush the Happy Gap, but is not exclusive to these bodies. Genetics keeps the leg fat at bay, for bigger bodies, and the plumper the area surrounding the Happy Gap, the more depth to the effect.  Creates the bottom of an ASS SMILE, and further accentuates it, by exaggerating the curvature of the innermost/bottommost booty meat. This is NOT to be confused with the THIGH GAP, which many women are killing themselves, by starving and trying to get surgery to create. Those are dumb girls throwing up to try to be supermodel in the legs, we're not concerned with THAT!   The HAPPY GAP is aka the BOX GAP, it's about that are surrounding her box, and butt, not the flatness of the inner thigh fat (although that looks good in many cases when the woman isn't so boney).

Example: Holy shit did you see that happy gap! It was so gapalicious that I could light it on fire and jump through it on my mini-bike.  (Urban Dictionary)

Take a close look at that video, what's POPPING out to you? You say the ass, but in reality, it's the GAP that is making the ASS look better! You might not notice this beautiful feature, of the female body, but it's time you start paying attention, because most times, it's not an ass that you're drooling over, with most of these chicks you're checking, in reality, you're drooling over her GAP!  Yes, sounds like it's not a true thing, but consider some of the asses out there, and how you see your buddies going crazy over a flat ass. You wonder what they're looking at, well in reality, they're looking at that GAP and mistaking a very nice, small ass, for a flat, fat or even sloppy backside, that happens to have an incredible gap on it, which saves the whole view. It's like the Ass Smile on booties with bad forms, you see a well defined Ass Smile and you think that ass is the best ever. The Happy Gap has the same effect, but many have been forgetting that this sexy part of the woman's body exists. There are even issues with people feeling self conscious because they have big gaps. We have a whole market of people trying to cash in to falsely creating this gap, as well. You wonder why all the trickery, well let's step through a few things about the Happy Gap that make it so special, and you'll also see why a chick with a terrible ass would at least want a GAP like some of these. The Happy Gap used to be something that older gentlemen would check for and love, but through time, younger dudes just started insulting women who had gaps, due to these mens' own insecurities. We'll address that in a minute, but for now, what exactly are we looking for, when checking out HAPPY GAP?  I mean, it's not PART of the booty meat, right?  Well it's a rare but important part of the underbelly of the booty, especially for people like like to look at a woman's POON, from behind, like the way a woman's legs separate and curve as it nears the booty/poon, but also it's a great visual effect to a booty with a nice Ass Smile to it. That clear and clean separation of ass cheeks is a very welcomed look, and it's fading from today's society.  Why? Fucking Doritos and McDonalds!   Why would such corporations seek to destroy something to beautiful, in the wild, making it somewhat of an endangered attribute?  Who'd want to harm such a precious area of a woman's legs/booty/poon?  Many of you claim you don't know what a Happy Gap is, nor have you ever seen it. Oh yes you have, how could you have missed it?  You might have quickly dismissed an ass, for not being huge, or not being exactly round all over, but then did a double take because you didn't know why you still liked it, for some reason .  It might not have been the actual booty meat itself that you liked, that's the reason, but The View is what you appreciated, instead!  Let's step through a few of these Happy Gaps, and see if this stuff rings a bell, with you at home:

Tell me that, although she's arching like silly to force a rounder booty look, still, that gap and Ass Smile don't make you crazy!  Why does it look so good? Are you even focusing on the booty meat? NO, NO YOU ARE NOT! That's the power of the HAPPY GAP, in THE VIEW!

Definition: The little space between a girls upper thighs and just below her cooter as she stands or walks with legs together. The open space forms the shape of an upside down triangle. It is usually reserved to fit/thin girls as chubby thighs tend to crush the happy gap. Fall into the gap. Creates the bottom of an ASS SMILE, and further accentuates it, by exaggerating the curvature of the innermost/bottommost booty meat.
Example: Holy shit did you see that happy gap! It was so gapalicious that I could light it on fire and jump through it on my mini-bike.  (Urban Dictionary)
...and even at this bigger size, with the Tear Drop booty, tell me that doesn't make this ass even sweeter!  Good lord, you want her to continue peeling those panties off! The perfect separation of the cheeks, makes this booty much more appealing than it would be had these attributes NOT been there!

Yes, you CAN be an even bigger size and have a Happy Gap just take a look.  Just because a chick is skinny doesn't mean she'll automatically have one, and it surely doesn't mean that larger women don't have Happy Gaps, contrary to the popular belief.  McDonalds hasn't struck everyone the same, because some are holding out with good genetics!

Definition: The little space between a girls upper thighs and just below her cooter as she stands or walks with legs together. The open space forms the shape of an upside down triangle. It is usually reserved to fit/thin girls as chubby thighs tend to crush the happy gap. Fall into the gap. Creates the bottom of an ASS SMILE, and further accentuates it, by exaggerating the curvature of the innermost/bottommost booty meat.
Example: Holy shit did you see that happy gap! It was so gapalicious that I could light it on fire and jump through it on my mini-bike.  (Urban Dictionary)
...and you surely can't tell me you don't appreciate 'The View', even on this flat, little ass. The savior of this booty is, a HAPPY GAP, because even in absence of a proper Ass Smile, that GAP is welcoming!  Oh yes, my friend, YOU'D SMASH, even though you don't like skinny chicks!


beautiful happy gap
Ask yourself, would that camel toe look good if there was no GAP accentuating the lumps of meat of that poon? If you look at a plumper that has that area all crammed up with leg fat, it is NOT the same effect as having a gap that let's the camel toe meat stand out on its own.  Well the Happy Gap also does the same thing, from the back view, for enthusiasts of the booty, and we get as excited about it, as many do about the camel toe.

Unfortunately, as our women get more and more huge, in overall size, an appreciation of a certain area of a woman's body, right under the booty we love so much, is getting ignored, or is slowly disappearing from many bodies.  In many cases, the genetics are not holding, and the inner thighs are suffocating the poon, and if it continues, Happy Gap will be eradicated from the face of the earth. Back in the days, when you admired the legs/ booty of a woman, or even if you were a camel toe lover, you couldn't help but go wild for women in tights, who had a space between her legs that separated both legs very clearly, around the area of her poon, specifically. The image to the left clearly highlights the points of the view you enjoy, but that beautiful spacing between the legs make the shot a beautiful sight because, well, although there isn't really any ass to this bird, you have a  reverse-cameltoe shot that is made possible because she doesn't have any inner thigh or ass fat jam ups between the leg. In fact, that GAP is what makes the shot possible to see everything in HD Horniness!  Back when women were proud of their gaps, they used to show them off in clothing, especially if they had asses that were less that desirable. But on the best of the asses with great definition, you'd notice that sexy, deeply defined Ass Smile, and it ran right into a nice circular or diamond gap between her legs. That, friends, is the HAPPY GAP!  Everyone used to think that only skinny chicks had gaps, but if you were in the hood, you saw Latin and Black chicks with thickness and they STILL had gaps!  Observing the graphic to the right, you can see this woman has a sizable backside, with a decent Ass Smile, and right there, where the panties run into, HAPPY GAP to accent the Ass Smile. What's even better, she's crossing her legs and STILL that gap is apparent! That is absolutely the most sexy thing you can have on a woman who has hips, booty, and legs.  That Happy Gap accents a very beautiful part of a woman's body that goes largely ignored, mostly because .. well women are rather large today, so we can't see it.  Back in the days though, it was something that you actually looked for, and wanted to see, in tight jeans. The bigger the chick with a Happy Gap, the more shocked and excited you became because you thought, "how the hell is that possible on a chick of that kind of girth?" Today, if you saw that on a thick chick, you'd probably actually NOT EVEN NOTICE, because today's brand of booty watchers are not appreciating all the little things that go into making a booty look as sweet as it does! That Happy Gap is one of those things.

gapWhen a woman has Happy Gap (HG), the Ass Smile area is very accented and you can see that ass CLEARLY for miles to come. Same thing can be said of her camel toe and toto meat, because Happy Gap really highlights these other beautiful parts,  and you create the term we call 'the view' (the view of a nice Ass Smile and view of the poon all in 1 shot). If you like a nice ass on a woman, and you like poon, then a woman with a Happy Gap is a God-send!  It's easy to hit that very well, with minimal effort, I might add, as there is no fat from thighs blocking your view. You are able to get MAXIMUM POUNDAGE with little resistance, or annoyances like spreading leg fat out of the way, or holding up 200lb legs then peeling meat, just to get at the poon.  A chick only needs a little bit of roundness on her ass, and you put that in ANY BEACH WEAR, dudes are definitely going to start filming!  I used to zoom through the gap to see objects on the other side of the woman's body, then take pictures of sailboats in the distance. You can have fun with it, or even if you're trying to talk to your buddy, seated on the other side of crowded subway train or bus, and you're separated by a woman with a Happy Gap, you can STILL speak to him, plus see him, THRU her gap. I've done this before, it's awesome!  Only problem is sometime is you want to put your mouth to the woman's gap, to properly project your voice to your buddy. If you pressed your lips to her crotch area, you could actually project your voice louder, so your buddy can hear you, using the diamond shape of her Happy Gap! The effect is similar to the effect of a bullhorn or megaphone. Go ahead, give it a try! I found that's illegal, at least in NYC it is. :)  If men are dogs, why can't we just stick our faces in an attractive, female stranger's ass, and have no one bat an eye? lol  See, men are not dogs. We're also neither loyal, nor obedient, so we surely can't be dogs.  
Now, many love a Happy Gap but they have no idea that they like this kind of attribute on a woman's body. Hell, most guys don't even know what they like about the asses, or whatever the think is a nice ass, so this gap get ignored! Most people who like smaller asses have no idea what so ever what they like about the ass, when in reality they do not like the ass, because there is no ass on most of these skinny chicks they like. What they really like is 'THE VIEW' of the woman's Ass Smile and how you can see her poon in the same view. What they like is to not have any meat in the way when they're banging a chick and they're trying to get at that poon with no obstruction. See, when a woman has Happy Gap, guys who love this feature, get to enjoy watching himself enter and exit her while he's getting at her, but from ANY angle.  He is also able to enter her fully, no matter what angle he hits it from too, without leg fat, booty fat, etc blocking his stroke game and his eye sight. See, Happy Gap is sought out by a select group of men for sexual positions too, not just those who love the view. Happy Gap has a practical application for a man. But that is a 2 way view of the Happy Gap, where from either the front or back of a woman, you can see thru her gap. There is also a view were you get a 1 way view, where you can only see a frontal gap, and not really one from the backsides, due to the body and shapes of booties of some women.

happy gapYou see, that graphic above? That is the frontal effect of the Happy Gap. You get to see a beautiful camel toe. The other plus, to a woman with this frontal view of the Happy Gap is she can be standing straight up, on a crowded train with you, and you can put your hand all the way through, to feel the clit, the toto and a little bit of booty meat, all that, by just sliding your hand easily right in that Happy Gap, no harassment by her leg fat- uh provided you actually know this woman and are currently fucking. You might, however, depending on the body, NOT be able to do the same thing, from the reverse side of her body! Still, the spontaneous man loves the Happy Gap. Try this out with a woman who doesn't have a Happy Gap, you'll get NOWHERE! You'll stub your fingers and scratch up your cuticles, not to mention your hand will be sweaty in less than 1 minute if she doesn't have a Happy Gap! The HG allows you to slip your fingers in and quietly entertain yourself, and her, and no one will know. Look to the right here, see that pic of that ass with the Ass Smile and Happy Gap?  You see those perfectly round bottoms to the tight little ass, and look what's peeking out beyond those sexy ass cheeks, HAPPY GAP!  Now imagine that's your girl , what would you do with a chick with a gap like this? The possibilities are endless, you know what I used to do with her? Imagine you're on a crowded train or bus with this and you want to get a pre-game warm up before you get home to hit that, well look what we have here, easily accessible poon from either side I decide to stick my hand between her legs!  No blockage, and most importantly NO ONE WOULD KNOW!  If we were a pick-pocketing Bonnie and Clyde of the subway, if she was between you and I, I could pick pocket you THRU HER GAP, and you'd never know!  Now, this is not always going to be possible with every type of Happy Gap.  This kind of HG has a view from both sides, front and back, that you can see clearly through the other side, but think about a gap that is sort of 1 sided, where the view is mainly enjoyed from the frontal view, not the specifically the back view.  There can be a form of blockage, if you will, to the Happy Gap, that is still a beautiful view of the poon, with its gap, and you get to also enjoy the booty!  See, in the pic to the left, this is mostly for those who enjoy looking at the booty's shape, with the Happy Gap, but there is a form of blockage with her booty meat that hangs low and prevents you from entering easily, yet she has a Happy Gap. This kind of Happy Gap you need to only fool with, from the front and you do ass play with her, from the back, since you can't reach the poon from that direction.  Personally, this ass to the left is a favorite of Latinos, it's the Tear Drop to Pig Tail style that many love, but notice that gap is surely there, but the booty is sloped downward for great ass play when you want.  I have the gap I love to see from the front, but also I have some ass meat to play with at back.  Other times, with less beautiful booties, and huge thighs, it's not enjoyable, but in the cases you get this nice 1 way view Happy Gap, it's sexy.  Have you ever noticed this kind of obstruction to the 2 way view Happy Gap, where you can see the poon easily from the front, but can't from the back- yet don't care because you're checking for actual booty meat?  Here's an example, you're obstructed by ass meat and thighs when it's in pants:

Peach PitPeach pit blockSee, many think that the Happy Gap is a 2 way view thing, but in fact, a Happy Gap can sort of have a 1 directional view, while the other view, the backside view, can be blocked off completely. How is this possible? The area of possible obstruction, creates an effect we like to call a PEACH PIT.  The Peach Pit is created when a poon is seemingly engulfed by the surrounding areas of flesh, around the poon.  This is not to be confused with the opposite of Happy Gap (the Chub Rub, which is fat from surrounding areas that smothers the poon), this area that engulfs the poon area is more of a bodily, structural obstruction not having to do with the onslaught of fat to the region. It's just that the poon is in a pocket, and might be hard to get to sometimes, from certain angles. If you clicked either graphic to the left or right, to inspect the Peach Pit, you can see that the area is cleared out of fat and the thighs rubbing is NOT a problem, but you do notice that the booty meat itself, way in the back of the view, is what's the blockage, but not from the front entrance. You get this kind of blockage when a woman has a booty that hangs down lower, in the back end, because the booty is not perky and doesn't hold up, or ,rather it is curved or sloped downward: Tear Drop or even Pig Tail classes of asses. You think this might not hinder your groping attempts of the poon, but think about it, if you're behind your woman, and you're trying to sneak in a feel, but her booty meat, leg fat, flat, droopy booty meat, is in the way, as you can imagine from this view reversed, you'd have to come down, then UP and under to even tickle that poon, from behind!  Not even Arsenio Hall or fucking E.T. have fingers that long! No dice fellas! If the ass is like this here, you're not getting at that with your hands easily.  You must line this kind of woman up, from the front, to enjoy the Happy Gap. So the view of enjoyment is really a 1 directional enjoyment view. Obviously, the best view is a 2 directional view, but MANY men who love Tear Drops and Ghetto Booties, who happen to love Happy Gap, LOVE this 1 way view.  They claim you get the best of both worlds, because you have your Happy Gap, plus the big ass, on the same body. The other thing to note, about a Peach Pit, is that a woman does not have to be a big-bootied woman to have this kind of Peach Pit. The pictures features a skinny woman! It's all about her body structure, not how fat or skinny she is.  Any sized body can have this effect of Happy Gap.  I know, you don't believe that remark, well here it is in motion:

Now, I know you're asking yourself, "what's the point of a Happy Gap if it can be only enjoyed from 1 view?" Well it's a GAP, not a GAPE or a HOLE, so technically the Peach Pit view of the Happy Gap still counts and it's still admiring the space surrounding the poon, which is created by the booty meat, meeting the legs and the poon, to create gaps. For fans of booty meat, Gap and poon, this Peach Pit affect on a Happy Gap is an absolute triple threat. Guys who don't like ass so much, they prefer the view where you can see clear through the gap, 2 ways.


* The less the IMMEDIATE inner-thigh interference (with the undercarriage under the poon/booty), the greater the effect of the Happy Gap

* If the legs dip in, towards each other, after the gap's bottom, the greater the effect of the Happy Gap

* The more diamond-shaped, the greater the effect of the Happy Gap

* The more shapely, and sometimes fat/cartoonishly shaped the legs, the greater the effect of the Happy Gap

* The more pronounced the Ass Smile on a booty, the greater the effect of the Happy Gap

* If the gap has the spacing of 3 fingers wide, the greater the effect of the Happy Gap.


Definition: what fat girls experience when their inner-upper thighs rub together so much they get chaffed and rashes break out. It usually is accompanied by sweat and foul odors.
Example: That chick has such bad chub-rub that I can see blood marks on her pants between her thighs. (Urban Dictionary)

If a Happy Gap  made your day, well... CHUB RUB is the equalizer that ruined it. Chub Rub does nothing but hide and cram a bunch of meat around critical female access points, and that blockage makes chicks walk like slobs, not to mention that thigh meat rubbing together all day stinks from hot sweat. The chick looks knock-kneed all because her fat thighs closed up the HG! Seriously, do you want to see this in a thong? If this IS your type, here's a lil document to show you how to hit a chub rubb chick. Obviously, you can see from this view, that the Happy Gap is completely gone! This is a common view that is killing the world.  You go up escalators, or stairs, and you have no choice but to look at it. If you hate this view, then trust me, you are a fan of Happy Gap now! lol  The Chub Rub will not allow you to get a quick feel, unless you're trying to rub the fat thighs or something. You can't put your fingers in there without catching a cramp, or possibly damaging the tendons in your wrist. Even with restrictive pants, you're not getting anywhere in there.  The thing about it is even if the woman is not fat, she can still have no space between the legs, and gain just a little weight, then all that space between the legs are closed. So just like you can't think all women who are skin have Happy Gaps, you can't even assume all fat chicks don't have Happy Gaps. The great majority of them used to have gaps, but then the fat of the thighs went towards the chub rub route, but if you peel the fat back, like the pic to the left, you'll find a gap somewhere in there., just have to dig it out.  Can't make any use of that space, but at least you know it WAS there at some point, in the past.

Below, we've a shot where the Happy Gap has eroded and closed up. Here's a chick who used to have a nice gap, but now in 2010, that gap is all gone! You can see the spacing allows you to see the poon from the back, the little bit of booty meat is not in the way, but the THIGHS are fighting for position, and take away the formation of the gap's diamond shape.  R.I.P. Happy Gap.. :~(

Today, there are many technologies trying to give women just that option to be this fat, but have a Happy Gap, as well as opposition to Happy Gaps.  "Opposition to Happy Gaps???" you ask? Yes, there is major pushback on Happy Gaps, the haters are male and female!
 I'll tell you how it started:

A brief History of the demise of Happy Gap:
Years ago, when I was a budding teen, we didn't have so many fat women, in our society. I can remember racing girls up and down the block- ok it was more like me chasing them trying to squeeze their butts and newly forming tits- but they were so fast and in shape and able to run all day! They'd be out there playing girls games, double dutch, and getting their exercise in, all day! This one chick, Tawny, started to develop early, and her ass was a complete Apple Bottom, and everyone was after her. Then the other girls started to develop, but these were the less physically active girls, the non athletic types, who just sat around and gossiped on the porches. Still, Tawny got all the attention, for her backside set up, yet by this time all the ladies had 'butts'. There was a huge difference between Tawny's lower-mid section and the other girls. Tawny had a HAPPY GAP!  I remember her standing in front of me, while I was on a porch, and I could actually look through her gap and see my boys coming on the other side, through her gap! lol It was amazing! I remembered all kinds of older dudes pulling RKELLY's as they rolled up trying to get her number, everyone making note of that sexy space between her legs that accented the underpart of her ass like NEVER SEEN BEFORE!  But that gap was SEXY!!!!  That gap created a nice and sexy ASS SMILE right under that Apple Bottom and highlighted that Tawny was different because she had sexy thighs that didn't conflict with each others' existence, inside her pants. That space between her legs completely defined her ass, thighs and poon, as that camel toe was a NICE view, and her poon meat wasn't huge either. The gang and I went on searches to find other women with these gaps, and through the years, we found that the gaps were disappearing in numbers and appreciation. Women actually started to hate the Happy Gap. This was ushered in by fat women hating the fact that they're not in shape anymore. We enjoyed this Happy Gap until the other girls become knocked up and got fatter and started to say that Tawny had a gap because she was getting fucked so much (yet tawny had 1 boyfriend who didn't live in NY and she'd only see him summers, yet the other girls were on their 3rd baby daddies lol). Instead of a Happy Gap, the fat ghetto broads all had CHUB RUB!   Then you had ignorant, dumb fucks talking about women who have gaps were fucked by really big dicks and that's why they have them. REALLY? So a dick was so big and strong that it rearranged her whole bone structure??? You need to stay away from the Japanese Hentai cartoon porn you dip shits! lol  So dudes were scaring women and claiming that they'd not be with a woman who has a gap, basically guys were admitting they had little dicks and didn't now that woman's vaginas normally snap back to regular size (in the case she was sleeping around with a huge penis'd guy for a long time). WTF do you people smoke?? lol  A gap does not mean a chick has a ravaged poon! So idiots like that, with their propaganda and insecurities about their small dicks, and the fat chicks who couldn't stay in form, helped usher in the end of Happy Gap appreciation. I would like to officially send a shout out to all the ladies with Happy Gap and tell the fellas, you seriously need to get back on track with finding chicks with Happy Gaps, of all races!  

Happy Gap IN MOTION!

Happy Gap clearly defines beautiful female attributes. Ass cheeks are accented as well as toto meat! Camel Toes look even more juicy!
even though these asses below are flat, Happy Gap makes them bearable!

This one is completely flat, but look how fat apart the inner thighs are from each other, and how DEEPLY carved out it is. That's INSANE.

here, the ass is flat, long, but the savior is that Happy Gap that clings to innermost ass cheek meat

a clearly FLAT ass, saved by a Happy Gap's presence! CLEAR ACCESS!!!

and even huge asses that are Pig Tails, or droopy can have a Happy Gap

And even if it was a Ghetto Booty, you can still be a plumper or thick and have a GAP carry over as you get bigger.
The genes will support a gap's indent, even at bigger sizes. Notice how that gap saves even the fat butts.

If you think these are the same, you're a retard!

Like most things good, there always has to be someone abusing it, to a point where the whole concept of it becomes ruined, and then you have to have people taking offense over it, or someone going to the extreme to fit the mold (quite literally in this case).  We always talk to female fans about the space between their legs, but most are normally very defensive about this area, initially.  There is a societal problem with the gap, mostly due to ignorance about the gap.  Some people mistake what causes a gap, like we said earlier, some idiots think it's because a woman fucks too many men, and only a dumb ass would think that, but then we have a majority of women, who embrace the ideas of gaps being sexy, now asking "how do I get a gap?"  You can try to throw up if you want, but the Happy Gap is created by the hip and leg alignment creating the gap between the legs, and the Thigh Gap is also caused by that, but if you have fat inner thigh fat, well then you don't have a gap, right?  So you can't create a Happy Gap, or can you?  You'll have your answer by the end.  But most just ask how to get a gap, but which gap? There are different kinds!

The worst thing to happen to the HAPPY GAP, is the confusion of it with being the THIGH GAP, and they are not the same.  Also called the BOX GAP, the Happy Gap highlights the bottom of the ass, and the poon, increasing the beauty of the bottom and the poon and giving us "THE VIEW".  We've shown you a lot of images of the Happy Gap so far, but do you know the definitely between the Happy Gap and the Thigh Gap?   Here are some examples of the thigh gap, below, for you to tell us if you think it's at all like the Happy Gap. That picture above, the left side is THIGH GAP, the right is HAPPY GAP.  Which one is best?  Still confused about what's thigh gap? Look down...

Is this something to brag about?
Rather than having thick, or muscular legs, they want to look like ALIEN SECTOIDS. lol

They don't want to look thick or pear shaped, they want to be square and box shaped even if it take surgery

Her before pic on the left, looks better than her after picture on the right. All to get A greater effect of THIGH GAP, which most are thinking only happens when you get super skinny!
The truth is the wonder is if your legs are fuller but you have a high gap. It's a wonder of genetics, at the point, because people are expecting chub rub and it doesn't happen. When the rarity of thigh gap happens on bigger legs, the stock for the woman goes up!  Being  a throw up artist, starving looking like you're doing to die any minute, there is no wonder to why you have a thigh gap, you're fucking starving that's why!  We're more impressed with the bigger sized body having the thigh gap, not the skinny body!

Do you see the major difference? The Thigh Gap is all about the thighs never touching, which is great to a point. When a woman has a lot of fat all over the legs, no one wants to see THIGH FIGHTERS in action.  You saw the chub rub section above, it's not a good look, especially if there is no HAPPY GAP!  So we don't like it when the HAPPY GAP is destroyed because fat has closed it all off.  What we also don't like to see, are really skinny, shapeless, lifeless boney legs, with THIGH GAP. It looks like a person starving of food, and in most cases, it's normally on  a woman who is starving for food.  Polite society loves to pressure women to be skinny, like the super models, and people think that pressure has disappeared, now that mainstream has excepted Kim Kardashians modified ass and her surgical management of her weight (that chick is 1 diet coke away from being fat).  The truth is, the rest of society still wants women to starve to death to be skinny, with no muscle structure, and a great many white girls, especially, are still killing themselves to be skinny.  What does this have to do with HAPPY GAP?  Well HAPPY GAP is under attack by many, for being mistaken for THIGH GAP.  See the supermodels are all flashy with their legs, which are all skinny and knobby, but they all have a lot of space between their legs.  Well that is the new craze for 2013, that skinny girls are trying to achieve now, to remove the thigh fat surgically, or by starving themselves to death to get THIGH GAP. They do not care about HAPPY GAP, they're not concerned about the view of their poon and ass, THEY WANT THIGH GAP!  There are a number of recent, depressing stories about this too, like this one, highlighting that the SUPER SKINNY ME phase of teen obsession, has gone nowhere, it never left.  The obsession to have THIGH GAP has even sparked business for making the THIGH GAP WORKOUT.  Some dumb ass on twitter decides to show how pathetic she is, threatening to starve to death to get thigh gap, and then it sets off all kinds of anger.   That stupidity should stay limited to "polite society", as we want no part of that in the hood. Keep that shit away, we want to praise HAPPY GAP, and sure THIGH GAP is good, but not on these disgusting boney broads. All that matters, to an ass enthusiast, is HAPPY GAP!  So stop confusing Happy with Thigh Gap, we don't need that beef, and that shit is NOT HOT out this way!
We do get quite a great deal of questions about how to make a gap, and when they realize they can't create a Happy Gap, many ladies admit to resorting to trying to falsely create it.  You don't believe, we know...


Now, don't think that everyone has forgotten about the Happy Gap! With appreciation of anything, there comes a bunch of trickery to pretend to be the real thing that gets appreciated.  No matter what people like to say, they know damn well they want to see a Happy Gap on a woman. If not, we'd not be trying to damn hard to fake and force a Happy Gap on some of the bodies trying to wear the fakery.  You might not even know, but you're there checking a chick, and you want to get with her, but you might get shot down, and not because your underarms are hummin', but because she's wearing fake shit and doesn't want to get to know you because you might find out that she's wearing fake shit. In the area of Happy Gap, we'll show you some of the top ways that women are cheating their ways to having sexy-looking Happy Gaps.  Yes, just like fake, butt lifting jeans, and trick panties, GIRDLES are big again. So if a chick wouldn't hesitate to fake a booty, trust that the Happy Gap is no exception to the rule.   Peep the things like the LUVEES campaign, they wish to keep the Happy Gap alive... although falsely!


This is the look they all want... but how do you GET that SPACING if you're not with this body structure? You cheat, of course:

Go look back over the items we listed as the key points to a sexy and nice looking Happy Gap. You don't think that other people actually thought about the stuff we exposed here?  Think again, the marketing has these features of the Happy Gap well covered. For instance, say you were just a bit fat, and you had some Happy Gap, but now it's all gone.  Well, you can put this girdle (below) on, and it falsely imprints the perfect Happy Gap spacing, WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE ENOUGH ASS MEAT TO MAKE AN ASS SMILE! 

look at the cut out under the ass, even if she doesn't have booty meat to make that gap, the girdle created it!  This shit created a 3 finger-wide gap! Boooooooo!!!!!

If you can't fit into this gap cut out design above, there is always the brute-force method of forcing whatever meat is in the way, to move the hell out of the way, and create a gap.  You have the girdle that goes HARD at the Ass Smile/Bottom of ass area, and if there is any thigh fat or anything in that space, it get chocked up and pushed out, while at the same time, trying to create plump, bottom-inner ass cheeks, with the little dangling fat that most chicks have as the only booty meat back there.

The result is going to be the diamond shaped gap if her legs are fat because the gap is seriously carved into the skin, with these girdles. Looks painful!

OH here are my favorites... ok you know an Ass Smile is very important to a sexy Happy Gap, so these two different makers take 2 different approaches to make this happen.  The first takes the 3 finger wide approach to separating the legs, with reinforced passing and constriction right beneath any possible ass meat that could grow on just about any booty, digs it up and out to make the diamon feature of the gap, but is relaxed at the bottom of the design, to the diamond is formed if a woman has a little bit of loose thigh fat. At the same time though, this design would make an incredible Ass Smile for you, if you have ANY kind of fat on the booty, Pig Tail/Flat or Tear Drop.

and if you want to get a butt lift, create the Happy Gap, with the diamond feature, especially if your thighs are chunky, well this thingamajig crafts available fat into a round ass and does all the previous trickery

looks like a harness for your ass!  

See, all the attributes we list for what makes a good Happy Gap have been successfully falsified, proving we know what we're talking about when it comes to a woman's body.  So you too should show appreciation for the women who have NATURALLY what these corny ass fakes are trying to trick you into believing they have by wearing goddamn  TRANNY KITS to fake a nice body.  

If you want to be shocked by more, check  here.  


General Public's feelings about HAPPY GAP
There is a mission, by many, to CLOSE THE GAP, so to say, and MANY DON'T LIKE THEIR GAPS (Click here to read 'I HATE MY GAP!' and 'PLEAE HELP ME CLOSE MY LEGS')

While many others are trying to reach their inner Happy Gap ('PLEASE HELP ME GET A GAP') and don't like their chub rub (click here 'WE HATE OUR CHUB RUB! IT SMELLS BAD AND WE HATE GOING UP STAIRS BECAUSE IT'S ALL PEOPLE SEE')! So where the hell is the happy medium?  I say, bring the gap back, because real women won't complain about sexy gaps, which offer better access to her poon, look much better in a thong than a chub rubber and is a perfect look when you have her in many positions because you don't have to fight her thighs to get at that!  Chub rub makes people sad, Happy Gap warms the soul!  WINNER:  HAPPY GAP!

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