Tear Drop Booty
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The Drip, ...the dribble, ...and the droopy

A Tear Drop booty is the most common of all booties.  Most booties that can't take form properly (barring completely flat ones- which there is just NO HOPE for without surgery) one way or another, will probably end up being some form of this kind of booty.  This is because if the ass does not have a top of the ass that jumps off of the back, must then slope downward and out, if it's not completely flat or is negative ass!  Tear Drops are actually very sexy, at many different sizes, if the ass is maintained well or the fat that collects on it never gets to be TOO much. Because the Tear Drop is a downward slope of butt that forms a bulb at the bottom of the ass, depending on how well that bulb forms (plump version), or how well defined the AssSmile is on that booty, you might see a WHOLE DIFFERENT VIEW of Tear Drop, and it can actually disgust you instead of fascinate you.  On the other hand, you can have a Tear Drop that is so acute that it's almost flat ass and has no AssSmile, which is also a disgusting view.  

For the most part, most chicks have ugly looking Tear Drops because they got too fat and they were meant to be acute versions of the Tear Drop and they got fatter through the years, but the ass didn't grow to proportion, instead it just grew downward! That's the problem with a Tear Drop, it can only go downward and out, so if that ass is not backed with muscle, the bulb of the ass starts to fold over on top of the back of the thigh and it looks like the second chin on a fat person's neck!  This collection of fat that backs up on the top of the back of the thigh is mistaken for a sexy bulb, because of certain clothing that the chick's wear that show off ONLY that dangling meat at the bottom of the ass.  When guys look at a sloppy Tear Drop like that, they do the same thing that a Ghetto Booty 'spot checker' does, they key in on the dangling, sloppy hanging collection of ass fat that is disguised as the bulb of the Tear Drop, and they think that's a nice ass!  It's like mud flaps on a car.  So before we get into what makes for good Tear Drop booty, let's examine this porn chick that way too many dudes are saying is 'thick' and has one of the nicest asses ever, and has a nice, firm, round ass.  

Now, the Tear Drop, is also another booty that has a rule that bigger doesn't make better.  The fact that a Tear Drop is not like an Apple Bottom, where it's full ass cheeks rounded at the top and bottom, means when gravity hits this type of ass, it crashes HARD!  So the more tight or more toned the ass, the better.  As you start getting plumper, you have more meat that sinks to towards the leg, and hopefully for that ass, there is a well defined AssSmile to make the ass still look pronounced as it gets plumper.   So what's to happen to an ass that doesn't have roundness and form, doesn't have a muscular base, has a deep crack, and was a nice Tear Drop, years ago when it was 20lbs lighter?  

looks good so farTake for instance, this ass to the left, which is from an ugly chick, in porn, named Kelly.  Now I put the 'good*' picture of her ass, where it looks like a classic tear drop.  But what should stick out to you immediately is the ass crease. That ass crease is MAD DEEP for a crease that is on an ass!  That means that it's wrapping quite a bit of FAT there, as it's smashed in by the shorts. But where that crease ends, that's really where her ass is supposed to end! The fat just started piling up at the bottom and as a result, you have what you see in the pic.  Looks good because it's in the shorts, right?  Mad dudes sweat her ass, but when I see it, I see watery tits attached to the back of her ass! Really, her ass only looks like it's worth something when she is bent over, as the directors of the videos know, when she's not moving, and when you take videos/pics from under her ass. The more I saw this girl in porn, the more grossed out I was by her ass.  How can an ass look full like this, 1 minute:
then look long and flat/TD 2 seconds after, when she moves?????
yuck ass

Her ass is ODD LOOKING, and that's why she's getting play. See, if you look at her ass, it's a weird combination of a bunch of ass profiles, which is why this chick has work, right now.  You'll always catch her in black 'hood' videos because motherfucks swear she has ass because it's large meat danging from the backside.  Uh when will the brothas learn??  And white boys don't know what to make of the ass meat she has either. They're thinking "yeah the form looks like a white girl's ass, where it has the mystery space after the lower back, and it's flat there, but what is all that meat at the very bottom of the ass? I've never seen that without it being a purely ghetto booty!"  So they're fascinated that her ass looks like sloppy, play dough! lol  No one caresses her butt, they pinch the part that is the dangling, sloppy meat that looks like water in a clear bag.  Every porn does like 10 minutes just looking at her butt, before any dude gets to hit it. It's because they're as puzzled as you are. lol  It looks like a cross between a Ghetto Booty, Tear Drop with huge pronounced AssSmile and a Pig Tail all in the same piece of meat! lol No Lie.  Now you can't see this, initially due to camera tricks, so let's step through why I hate this ass, but everyone else loves it, and why it's NOT a good Tear Drop.  Observe the video:

Yeah, I KNEW I had to put a video to this chick for the people who still have some sense left, to peep. See how the ass cheeks have NONE of the form it had in the pictures where she wasn't moving much? First the ass smile was very well defined, when she was smaller, and she gained weight and the top of the ass was never there, so it all drooped down  and now the ass cheeks are elongated, droopy and full of water.  The ass smile is the only thing that was saving this ass, but the droopiness overcomes this ass as you see the ass cheeks have no definition what so ever when she moves. You saw how many times the ass cheeks lost form? See how different the ass looks with clothes on versus without clothes on to crunch up the slop?  After watching that video, seriously, can you tell me that's a hot Tear Drop? But black, white, Latino are all in line to see this doofy looking chick, in video! She's a top requested PAWG (Phat Ass'd White Girl) and I'm not seeing why! It's sloppy!


Now, keep in mind, this is Tear Drop that we're talking about.  The Tear Drop should be very well defined at the bottom to be a really NICE one, should have a great downward slope and depending on the flavor of the dude, he'll like it plump and spreading out and down, just a tiny hand-full as bulb meat or guys who work out tend to like a nicely defined Tear Drop on  a chick.  In our estimation, this is the definite middle of the road crowd pleaser.  It's not too much, and it's not too little, unless you like it that way and normally anyone who likes these kinds of asses will not give you grief for liking the more acute versions. But as you have with any other ass,  you must example a few aspects of the butt to see if it's worth admiring...

SHAPE: Bulb, Ass Smile and Slope

real juicy tear drop

The size of the Tear Drop my vary, but the shape of it still pretty much resembles it's form, no matter the size.  Many guys mistake a plump Tear Drop for an Apple Bottom but it is VERY clear when as ass slopes downward and is full at the bottom!!!  This picture above is one the fools many, this chick is BAD ASS, but know it's a Tear Drop? Why? As you know, a Tear Drop is an ass that rounds off well, like a tear drop, bulbous at the bottom (the 'BULB').  Similar in structure to an Apple Bottom, where the bottom of the ass is defined and round, except, the top part of the ass (coming off of the lower-back), isn't really defined or runs directly off of the back with no major BUMP. The TEAR DROP isn't a bad thing, and is common in Caribbean-based Latinas with mostly Indian-African in their blood, which looks very good on them if the Ass Smile is well defined. The top of the ass IS still sloped greater than 45 degrees where the ass IS NOT flat at all, just that it does not have the full qualification to be an Apple Bottom (what are you going to call it, a half an apple bottom???). The shape at the bottom of the ass is still rounded (Bulb with an Ass Smile), but the overall ass looks like a TEAR DROP (sloped with a nice round finish and in control waistline).  That nice, unique combinations make for the best Tear Drops around, but that formula has to be right or the ass just falls apart.

The other factor of shape that you must also check for, is the Tear Drop booty that is a muscular base to the cheeks! There are many slim woman with this kind of ass and if they hit a gym or do their aerobics, they can tone it up and instead of having a Bulb that is mostly fat based, they will have a toned ass with a serious ass smile that keeps that ass looking very hot to the eye.  This woman, in a thong, can NOT BE DENIED!!!  Unfortunately though, most dudes checking this ass, and seeing it in jeans, will not get the full effects of now nice it actually is!  It is a hidden jewel because you can't appreciate it unless you SEE it! If that woman has some nice hips  and an in control waistline, coupled with a toned, muscular based Tear Drop, you get a universally accepted crowd pleaser:

BULB counts for a lot!

The degree of the slope, the amount of the ass meat at the 'bulb', rounded out with the Ass Smile, is what makes a nice Tear Drop.  If any one of the 3 pieces to the formula of it's shape is not on point, chances are you'll notaccute tear drop like the ass you're seeing. That's the problem with this kind of booty.  Most dudes agree that even if the ass is tiny and cute, they like the fact that you can scoop-palm the ass with a full grip! This ass is the kind you cuff while you sneakily dig your fingers in between your chicks' gap area while you're on a crowded train! See this chick to the right here, this is an acute Tear Drop and I see you dudes now, 'DAMN I'D MURDER THAT!'  The tiny Tear Drop ass will still appeal to a dude who mostly only bats and eye for huge asses! Guaranteed! Every big booty loving dude I know is always inspecting the acute Tear Drop booties because of how it's shaped!   Try this shit with any other ass,  NOT too easy to do! This is the kind of ass that can rock low rise jeans, because any other ass has the crack of the ass showing while the woman walks, and that's just tacky!  The apple bottom and ghetto booties should NOT be in low rise jeans, {insert ass crack bad vid or pic} and this is where a Tear Drop excels above those types, due to it's shape taking form lower on the butt, rather than higher up.  Many dudes who try to dismiss this kind of ass says it's FLAT. Uhm NO! You can see it slopes down and has a NICELY highlighted bulb at the bottom, given how petite that woman is! Remember a nice tight assed Tear Drop can produce some amazing looking effects on a petite body. Take for instance this view:

tight tear drop
Tell me that little tight shit ain't on par!  Muscle and AssSmile all day on this!

Deep ASS SMILE to highlight a good BULB

Now, keep in mind, the BULB of the Tear Drop is what gives it the lift and the slope effect, but without that AssSmile, it's a saggy mess of ass like the opening piece to this document (Kelly's ass).  People said that there is no way to have a plump ass that is Tear Drop that does not end up looking like the ass we previewed earlier and said it was impossible to NOT be saggy. WRONG!!!!  This is why we stress the ASSSMILE!!!  If a chick's Bulb hold up to a good AssSmile, you actually CAN have a plump Tear Drop that satisfies dudes who don't really want a huge ghetto booty or even an AppleBottom (yeah I thought a guy who didn't want and Apple Bottom didn't exist too, until I read the hate mail we got lol).  So anyway, other readers said that most asses that are Tear Drops are flat and have yet to see plump versions of the Tear Drop, but obviously, these dudes are not checking well enough! Also, most of the guys who don't like this kind of ass are really just fans of huge ghetto booties, is what I find out.  They claim there isn't enough meat, so, for your viewing pleasure, here is a video to help the non-believers understand that Tear Drop does come with a nice plumpness too. Right here, THIS is plump Tear Drop that even ghetto booty loves can get behind, in all ways. lol

ROLL/ BOUNCE: Form and Grace

Ok... this IS a Tear Drop, so you're thinking 'ROLL BOUNCE? WTF? There isn't much to the Tear Drop ass'.  Well, you'd only be HALF right there, gentlemen.  You actually could have a nice, small Tear Drop and have it still look good in motion.  I know, I know, you're going to reference the Kelly Devine video section, up top, but that is not the only type of Tear Drop that can move, roll, bounce.  The MOVEMENT of a body with a Tear Drop is one part to check out, but the other is the actual cheek movement themselves.  See, if the ass is completely flat, or the as doesn't have any lift and mass to it, the ass will not have an AssSmile, instead have a Grimace, which of course, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT KIND OF ASS IN MOTION! Yuck!  As we catch stills of a sloppy Grimace in motion, you can see that is has no bulb at the bottom so it makes a nasty sharp angle of flat fat.
what you're checking for, with an ass in motion, is the shape of the bulb, the AssSmile not fluctuating much, the shapes of the ass cheeks not fluctuating much and how it holds together while it's in motion.  These factors not being present in the earlier video of Kelly Devine is what cause you to be grossed out by the video.  So yes, Tear Drop in motion is a REAL way to see if it's worth a look or not. It MUST have that roll, bounce look to it for it to be worth something, or else it's flat or just floppy, sloppy and droopy.   Proceed to the next section and I'll clue you in.

Unlike the booties such as Apple Bottom or Ghetto Booty, where there is enough ass to wiggle it, make huge bounce motions and such, when you check a tear drop that isn't the plump kind, what you're checking for is GRACE to her ass's movement.  You want to know the grace I'm talking about? Ok, imagine, if you would, a chick at Venice Beach roller skating.  When you see that toned, Tear Drop roller skating back and forth, you fall in love with how it stays in place, holds the form of the cheeks and of course it brings out the affects of her roller skating in bikini or thongs! :)  That is the GRACE movement you're looking for, that's the ROLL we're talking about. That ass in motion brings tears to your eyes, like so:

Last, and most intimate, is the ass GRABABILITY.  What is the point of admiring an ass that you can't even play with?  Do you need to go overboard with such HUGE asses when your hands can't even grip or cover even 1/1000th of 1 ass cheek? lol Some of you dudes are crazy, out there. When gripping an ass, I'm thinking more along the lines of cuffing nice cheeks, to play with an sculpt and admire like this

The beauty of a Tear Drop booty is it's ready made for SCOOPING action!  There is no top to the butt so you hands automatically go to the bottom and do a SCOOPING action, because that's where the bulk of the ass reside, the 'BULB'.  A nice bulb will allow you to get a complete handful, without stretching your hands and getting arthritis trying to cuff a booty (ghetto booty), and you can manipulate the cheeks left and right, separate them easily to see the price that lies between and beneath them.  The reason this is also the best booty to cuff is because unlike the other forms, it's easy to part and get the special effects of the lady right away.  If a woman had a Pig Tail, you don't get the see the action when you're banging her out because her droopy, under the bottom butt goes right into the thighs and you can't see anything! You just see downward angled meat and can't watch yourself go in and out of your chick or you have to use way too much energy to get a back shot peek at her special place there, because you have to spread open the cheeks - which you can't always pull off AND bone her at the same time. Too much work with the wrong class of ass!  Then if it's a Ghetto Booty/ or huge Apple Bottom, you potentially have the same problem except the ass at the top of the butt is the obstacle, as well!  Of course, this is ASSMATRIX.COM we ALWAYS have a solution for you!  Click here.  So the Tear Drop gives you a nice set of meat to cuff, as well as a nice view to watch her from behind, and is not a flat ass that will bored the shit out of you and remind you just sticking your dick in a glory hole. 

See, you don't need a ghetto booty to enjoy a nice ass that you wan to get all playful with. Actually, when those ass cheeks fit in your palm perfectly, it's like the Prince in Cinderella, fitting the shoe on her feet. If you get a chick with an ass that fits perfectly in your hands, THAT'S the one to keep!  Normally, when you get an ass that's way too big to do anything with, you can bore very easily too.  But if you get a nice cute ass like this, you just keep smacking it and grabbing it like some goddamn Neanderthal.   The best thing about this ass is that many chicks have it, but if they only worked on toning it up a bit, if it is sloppy to begin with, they have a good chance at having it look very toned.  If a chick has a droopy ass, she can simply go work out and turn it into a tighter form of the Tear Drop.  If the Tear Drop is a plump one, it can still maintain it's form due to a very well defined Ass Smile, especially since it has a nice mass to it, unlike the Kelly Devine ass which was just a collection of fat that fell to the bottom of the ass. Here is a Tear Drop that is plump but is NOT a drooper, like Kelly Devines' (thus proving you can have a plump Tear Drop and not have it be ghetto booty yet still like a nice soft pillow, and not also have it droopy!)

So for all you non believers out there, of the Tear Drop, at whatever size it is, you can have fun with it and still get in the sexy view of a woman's private parts while you go to work on her! It's all in the AssSmile and the BULB!

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