Many people have the term 'THICK' twisted all up. Some women are PLUMPERS, or just FAT, and to not face up to fact that they're fat, they call themselves THICK, and some skinny chicks are out of shape and call themselves THICK so they feel better about being out of shape or just don't want to be called skinny. These chicks tell themselves these things so much, that they believe it. The most common is a fat chick masquerading as a thick chick, but here below, who MEN claimed were thick, in the descriptions of the pictures. But isn't it CLEAR to see what types of bodies they are?

This is SKINNY! They were saying her thighs were thick. Not on this skinny chick. NOT! Yes she's HUGE in size, with a HUGE ghetto booty that is good if you like the huge ass, and you'd certainly still smash, but it's a plumper, not THICK!

This is AVERAGE sized for her height. She has a beautiful Tear Drop ass, but ass alone doesn't make her thick.

This is very nicely proportioned for her height with Apple Bottom booty, normal body, but that doesn't mean she's THICK. This one could be debatable, but alas it's not thick. It could have been years ago, but that's just fat that's piled on to make more size. Size doesn't necessarily mean thick either!
Ok, now what about this one? Take a long hard look, thick or not?  YOU ARE WRONG! It is NOT THICK! It's a PLUMPER! It's sloppy and large, and that does NOT make it THICK.

That's the main problem right there! Too many people don't know what being THICK is.  There are tons of FAT chicks talking about they are thick, and there are men backing up this claim just to get some easy ass from low self esteemed chicks. You people are seeing fat, lard assed chicks and automatically calling it THICK. Real dudes don't call fat chicks THICK! A  lot of dudes also call HUGE FAT WOMEN 'THICK' because they don't want to admit that they are Chubby Chasers.  It's all good to like fat chicks, but call it what it is man, and stop trying to look cool by saying she's 'thick'. You like fat chicks, get your mind right! 


See, many guys want to also convince themselves that fat chicks, who are not at all in form, are thick, just because there is a lot of meat all over the place. Check this pic below, what exactly is THICK about this body shape? 

NO! It's not thick! It's watery and sloppy. If it were really thick, her ass wouldn't look like a deflated basketball.  Ok, we acknowledge that the booty is a ghetto booty, where it can be any different shape depending on the positioning of the pose, that watery ass changes shape every move she makes. You see this ass walking down the street, it would jiggle all over the place! I ask you, can you call it THICK if it's jiggly-looking? So people who see huge size, like this, automatically call it thick for various reasons, yet logically you can see it's not.  Most of these bodies started off as skinny bodies, and then as the fat piled on, nothing held together.  So the fat just continued to pile on without direction actually. An example of this is this link here->  Lots of chick start skinny and get fat quickly then get this loose fat. Read about 1 girl's fat quest.

If that ass was really thick, it would look like THIS from all angles

and wouldn't fall flat like this one below

So what is THICK?

Thick is having more of a muscular body base- or even hard fat-  rather than a fat, loose, sloppy one, especially in the midsection.
Yes, the MIDSECTION, that is the focus. When we're talking about thick, we are not talking about the football bodied chick, because she's THICK too technically, and we're not talking about a chick with a Mike Tyson neck either. So thick refers to what's in the midsection being somewhat solid, but still very feminine in body outline! Basically, see how tight the thighs of slightly overweight chicks look when they put on tight pants and nothing jiggles around sloppily, and there are nice shapely thighs and booty?  Those women would be THICK if you didn`t need the special pants to create that illusion of a good shape!
 To be thick, it means a chick isn't all sloppy, doesn't have a huge belly (but can have a small pouch), the bulk of her thickness must be muscular/well rounded but not jiggly jello thighs and must have a booty that doesn`t droop even without pants or panties that lift.  Her body can also be hard fat, which doesn't shake much and is mistaken for muscle a lot. Don't know what 'hard fat' is? Look at your fucking beer-belly! lol   If you don`t need any artificial enhancements but have naturally good looking waistline (no large amounts of blubber/chichos there), nice solid thighs with no huge dents and a booty that is firm, that`s thick.  Also, THICK, goes by your frame's limits, NOT HOW MUCH MORE FAT MEAT YOU HAVE ON YOU!  So a smaller lady can be THICK too, for her frame, but not because she's out of shape and has a big booty.  To be thick, you have to have a nice waist, hip/ass, and thigh ratio. The coke bottle shape has to be very evident to be true thick, not just 1 piece of the pie!
Now, ladies today try to create thickness by wearing special clothing to shape the fat or hide the fat, to make the body look tighter and smaller. This is NOT a new technique at all, in fact, clothes designers keep old school techniques in mind when trying to body shape. Peep how it was done in the past, to look THICK.  Loving thick chicks is nothing new, to men. Peep the timeline:

IN THE BEGINNING: For years, men have admired voluptuous women, this did NOT start with JLO, contrary to popular belief. Men loved small waists because that accented nice hips and possibly a nice butt.  We had the Victorian Ages, trying to make skinny white women, look like they had ass and thighs. White people were infatuated with the types of asses that black women had, so much so that they took one woman and toured her around like circus show. She was the Hottentot Venus, the original Ms. KHOI, if you will. Read our THE ORIGIN OF ASS writing for some quick info.

Men didn't hone in on exactly what they liked about ass yet so they aimed to have ladies have the tiniest waists imaginable, but that was only so they can try to get the biggest hips, and ass imaginable.  Since white women didn't have these features, they sought out to FAKE like white women were thick.  No lie.  So by the time the Victorian Era came about, the fashion was all about wearing a corset or bustle, to have fake ass, hips and thighs, but have it all covered up, of course, under a Petticoat.  Yes, your skinny jeans with stretch were not the first attempts to fake like you there thick, when you were not, ladies!  So even back then, women were trying to force the waist small so they can have a nicer looking figure. The trickery is not new:

Here's an example of the apparatus known as the BUSTLE, which was a contraption rigged up to attach to a woman's back to make her ass and hips look full. 

just like dudes today think, the bigger the better, right? Well then the ASS  part started to protrude in SILLY ways

as if that wasn't enough, you know the 'bump' that is that top of the ass that jumps right from the lower back to the booty, which is the signature of Apple Bottoms? Well women wanted to have an Apple Bottom booty that jumped right off the back, so they would buy this item called a BUM ROLL, which you'd attach to the waist and it made your flat ass look curved right off the back:

You were already familiar with the classic Corset worn under your dress, same affect, they wanted thick lower bottoms!!!

They realized that on the right lady with hips and thighs, the emphasis became on the WHOLE midsection area. That defined sexy and that is where we got the term HOURGLASS FIGURE or FIGURE 8.  A woman of girth used to be a very precious thing, in Europe, but in America, skinny was always the way men preferred- yet they wouldn't let up with this corset infatuation, trying to make their women look 'thick'. lol

Men loved the cartoonish curves, which almost seemed unreal when you thought of it.  Here's an example of a cartoon of the ultimate woman, made in the '70s. Notice the curves and the position that the artist drew her in:

Notice how round her butt, thighs and calves are, muscular in nature, THICK and MEATY. Not fat, not skinny! Apple Bottom ass, or possible Tear Drop - note the artist drew in shading for the top of the ass crack.  Notice how there is no belly and notice how the emphasis is put on a GOOD BACKSIDE, but the main attention is to the thick legs. See you can have a nice/big booty and have skinny thighs, and that doesn't make you thick, so let's examine the key points to being 'thick':

3 key areas to check for when examining THICKNESS

I know you failed the test above, thinking those OTHER pics I posted were asses that looked good in the jeans. They actually, they undress into nasty fat that spills over. You don't want to go around calling chicks who have bodies like center linebackers, "THICK".  You don't don't chicks shaped like barrels being called thick either. You want to use this to describe a body that has a little more meat, but is solid, not loose hanging meat.  This can be muscular in base or have a muscular base and be a tad plump, just have hard fat that stacked into hard to jiggle meat. Ultimately, whatever she's shaped like, should still look like an exaggerated sexy body, that's why it's thick it's the same sexy body, but thicker than the average. The beauty of thickness is that whether you're a guy who like athletic women, or women who work out their cores, or you like them a bit fuller but not all jiggly, the range of thickness can cover both crowds who like women with shape to her core, and fullness to her lower body. Here are 3 key areas to check, when comparing thickness of a chick. Obviously, the best view should amount to an incredibly cartoonish shape that makes you do double takes, and mumble to yourself, out loud. That crazy thickness should pop out accenting the focal points you wish to see, like this (below) coming at you:

So the areas to consider, before calling a woman 'thick' are as follows...

3thickNice WAISTLINE (1), form of ASS (2), shapely but solid THIGHS (3). This is the ultimate combination for a REAL THICK woman. Nice muscle tone rounds off this sexy woman completely, from midsection to ass to thighs! This is put in there to highlight a complete separation between the different parts of the body. The bubbly, cartoonish shape is present in even muscular forms of the body, and many true thick women have some form of packed muscle under the layers of fat.  Many chicks are this form, but the fat layers soften the look of the muscular build. All those chicks who are athletic certainly have that trait, and when they stop working out, or competing in sports, the body gains the weight but it starts to fan out in a good way, with the muscle base not eroding too much to fat, or becoming too lose. The result is the other form of thickness, which is a softer look.
3 thicksoft
And for a softer thickness, see how the waist is nice and in check (not fat with love handles), see how the ass is nice and round with no holes, see how the thighs are nice and full but not fat and full of holes?  The booty clearly shines with this kind of body. But she will have to watch it, the thighs will get a little big on this chick, especially on the outsides, and she'll turn into a slob. For now, she's all good.  This is the limit for this type of body, but clearly, bigger sized women can support a lot of weight and still hold their figure together. That is the key, how well does it all hold together, before just becoming lose-hanging meat? If the woman has a huge muscular base, the limit the fat can continue to grow on top, also increases, before it turns to slop.  If your body is skinny and you get fat, it's all loose hanging fat, and you're just a plumper if it's too much.  That's the difference between the two bodies.  So if genetics are in the favor of the softer versions of thick, the body still comes out sexy and highlights the key shape of a woman with that nice taper to the waistline, to highlight the hips, the bulging thighs, and the icing on the cake is a plump/thick, round ass.

thighsThighs are the dead giveaway to a nice THICK body. Think about it, could you really say a chick was thick with chicklegs?? What if her legs were huge and just pudgy all over, and not shapely? HELL NO! Thighs are CRUCIAL to the Thick package a woman has. They don't have to be 100% muscular, they just have to look like they're not mushy or lumpy, fat thighs.  They can be a little plump so long as they show some signs of muscle under the layer of fat.  The end results has to be shapely thighs that are almost cartoonishly round/solid, that's what thick thighs are about. Thick thighs also serve to highlight a nice ass, as there should be a separation of thigh and ass that is visible. No one wants to see a huge block of solid, flat, straight meat that is the combination of booty and legs with no separation.  You don't have to be a huge monster sized chick, with a ghetto booty, to be thick. They don't need to be as muscular as the pic above, but certainly have to look and feel that scream "TIGHTNESS!"- just like they do when you stuff fat into these shape forming jeans. You should look that solid without the jeans, if you're really thick! 
Thighs are very important to focus on. There is nothing worse than seeing a chick with skinny legs, who has a huge booty, and gut, but guys are calling them thick.  The thighs should be SOLID looking, not watery, not all cratered up and not TOO plump. The thighs don't have to be completely muscle based, but they should be more muscle, or hard fat based, where the meat doesn't move too much. You see a girl in jeans, her thighs should look just as solid out of the jeans as in the jeans. Unfortunately, most people think that if the thighs are huge or thighs are really wide (most common), that those chicks are thick. WRONG. As we're saying, you can have huge thighs, but you must have all the components to be thick (thigh, waist, and booty).  What do wide, huge thighs mean, if there is no sexy taper at the waist, or there is no ass? Here are a few sample of huge thighs, but no ass of nice waistlines, are they thick?: 

Ok, now compare those with these below, do they look at all the same? Hell No they don't. the ones above are just chicks with fat thighs and no real forms. Still, most people said those were THICK!  The ones below, however, are thick. Their legs are shapely, and are a muscle based, or hard-fat/ combo, that gives their legs the forms. From worst to the best there, they are in very different classes that the ones above. I think we can all agree on that, right?  Do the comparison yourself, check the ones below:

ROTUND ASS: Seriously toned, or softer touch.

thickieThe other part of thickness is  the booty. As said earlier, the ass alone does not make a chick thick! Being thick requires that your  whole midsection cooperate and look tight,  in a look that mimics the tight jeans that chicks wear all the time to fool dudes into believing their skin is that tight with the meat it's carrying. If they can pull off that tight look, without the jeans on, you can LOOK at her and tell she's thick from 1 single picture! So now, imagine, you put the full, thick thighs, with a nice, shapely ass, and you get true thickness! Good lord! Spray your shorts! Take a look at the pick up top, that's a clear separation of ass, thighs and with a taper to the waist the holds the coke bottle shape.  Again, the body doesn't have to be a muscular one, but bulge that looks tight, especially in the ass department, is very much key to being thick.  I mean Look at that waist lower body exaggeration! Nice! Now tell me that that fat chick you're looking and calling thick, looks like this! You're sick if you think so!

That well rounded lets, with plump, round booty is a deadly combo. It doesn't have to be the most shapely Apple Bottom to be a nice combo of thighs and ass, just have to have a class of ass that is actually present in all angles. The hardest shot to have a booty and thighs show up in, is this one below. Laying down, the meat pulls down, due to gravity, yet this chick is bad assed enough to still have her thigh's thickness shine though, while the ass is nice and shapely too. Most fake-thick asses would be a flat pancake in this shot, or the fat would spread out wide, looking 'thick' to most, when it's just wider.  Of even the pic to the right, look at the one on the far left, Jesus of Nottingham! Thighs (CHECK), Rotund Ass (CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK), Waist taper.... (CHECK)- the rest of those toned, stacked hunnies are fine as fuck too!:

Here we get some toned booty shots, where you can see the highlighted leg definition we spoke about earlier, but also a tight little ass to accompany those thick thighs. Thick thighs with no ass what so ever is not hot, so you dudes need to come off of that nonsense. As long as the ass can stick out, and still appear, although the legs are huge, you've a great shot. It doesn't matter if the body is completely toned, or a bit thick from the hard fat, separation of thigh and booty, due to definition is completely sexy!



While the mass of the legs and butt should be of a muscular base, it doesn't all have to be well defined muscles. Women from foreign countries, got that grandmama gene in them from when grandma used to herd cattle with her bare hands and carry 100 tons of milk up a 1000 mile mountain (Eastern European or German like Elke the Stallion). Or the descendant of African slaves who's hard labor called for more muscular bases of the bodies, and genetics passed on to people of today.  In areas where this wasn't the way of life, thickness never came (ASIA for instance). That gave birth to thickness that is hard under a layer of soft fat, still, the base is still muscular. The results of the body are similar to the picture above. Full figured woman, midsection can appear somewhat disproportionate to the upper body, with thick thighs with muscular base under. The body gains fat in the lower region before anywhere else in the upper part of the body, producing a fuller bottom. As long as this is not too fat, you're still in the THICK zone, even if the upper body is slimmer.  This is going to be a common body type of country bumpkin chicks,  those genetics made for BREEDING PURPOSES. That's an excellent child bearing body!  So that's why this kind of woman was the most sought after, in all of Europe, at one point. That's the good thing about THICKNESS, it's not limited to just one race, these attributes are shared throughout MANY races/ethnicities. Often, this thick body is confused for a plumper, who has this body at the core, but is a little too much on the pudgy side to be considered  So let's enjoy a little extra pounds over a muscular core. 
The thick but softer look is not the same as a PLUMPER. The bodies of the softer thick are mostly shaped by hard fat, or a thick base of muscle, and the meat is not hanging over. The result is a bigger body, but the body looks tight for its big size. In most cases, the midsection has a little fat, but it's the lowerbody that packs on the thickness. In most cases, the way the genetic work, the ass is the beneficiary of the hard fat that packs on, then the thighs.  The body might look a like it has a smaller top than bottom, in these cases, unlike the plumper is who is just big all over at the same time. The thick body that is softer might actually only gain the weight in thighs and ass, and the rest of the body just does not get the fat distributed to it. In most cases, it's a great show you get to see, with a huge ghetto booty attached to it. 

(time to run some asses through a series of tests see if thick is really what they're working with)

You're seeing this and don't know WHAT THE HELL it's going to look like with the pants off, but can it really be as TIGHT as it looks here? It's outrageously shaped, very cartoonish so it catches the eyes wonderfully, but be honest, can it withstand gravity?

(Is this a thick ass once the jeans come off? Let's find out)

What do asses like this look like when you take the jeans off? Do they hold up to the optical illusions you see and get excited over, or do they flop all out of form. See, real thickness would be held together tightly, as if the actual SKIN were the jeans, but for most chicks, the jeans holds everything together like sausage casings that just contains a load of mushy meat!  True Thick doesn't need pants that are tight, or any other tricks, to give it its form. So will the asses look the same when you take them off. Well one indicator they will not is when you see the huge saddlebags aks Arch Enemy fat hanging from the side of the legs, in the jeans. The look like hips but are just packed in fat. Normally, we are looking at the thighs, when seeing a chick in tight jeans, and saying "damn she's thick" but most women do not have the thick thighs, and the ass only looks separate from the thighs due to the jeans doing a LIFT action. This is why most women stay away from wearing those Brasilian jeans, which you have to have a form, in the first place, to put on. They're just like a layer of skin over your body, and if you have a thick body, the results are this here, to the left. You can't fake the thickness that is muscle base, because whatever jeans you put on will only outline every single bulge you have. So these jeans are not a favorite with plumpers trying to masquerade as thick, because these jeans will show lumps and discrepancies in the body form of the person wearing them. The two women to the right know this, andno jeans needed they know they stand out with true, thick forms and nice tapers at the waist! The question is, for the other types of tight jeans wearing women, will their bodies also naturally shine through, or will the jeans do all the lying to your eyes, until the day you take them home, and find their asses are all fake?  So you if you do a jean test, only a select few actually really look as good IN the jeans as they do OUT of the jeans. When all is said and done, the best thick bodies don't disappoint you when the woman disrobes. You should be thoroughly pleased, as you'd be if this chick to the right popped up and took her pants down for you.

So would this big shit below look as tight without pants? Absolutely not!

Is this chick's ass as thick as you'd think if she had the pants on? Would you be disappointed? Probably not...

For the ass to be a thick ass, one would think that if a chick put on some pants that showed how thick her midsection was, you'd think her body would look the same when she took it off, right? Let's put a few chicks to the JEAN REMOVAL TEST to see if these asses hold up, or flop to the ground. Do you think this body below would look at appealing, outside of jeans? Just look at the form, you don't think that would just droop all over if it wasn't being constricted? 9 times out of 10, you don't need the jeans to come off, if you have proper perspective. We do realize you need some info to use BEFORE taking a bird home, so share some info about these fake thick chicks who are really just plumpers. For instance, check this one:

you can see the panty line can't even find ass cheeks to scoop, other than the very inner-most part of the ass which is the only part that can't possibly move all around. The meat just drips to the side and down the legs, fusing for one long slop of meat. That would look terrible without the pants simply because it has no ass cheek form, even in these tight pants. If it can't even show form, AND IT HAS TIGHT PANTS, you really don't want to see it without them!  You don't know what the hell you'll see if you shed that layer!  Here's how to spot it:

Ok, let's do some PicTalk (c) shots and go over another commonly seen, fake-thick body you see a lot, but keep mistakenly calling THICK. We'll start you off with a common side profile shot, which has the woman planting her left leg so as the make the thighs seem thicker, while also creating a bulge in the butt area. You already know this technique, if you're familiar with our works, because all the smaller bodied chicks try this. Let's see how it applies to the bigger chicks (click the pics to expand):
looks it at first
Those thighs look packed tight and very very round, where you see them bulge, but is that real bulge? Of course not, it's the pants effect. The back of the thigh looks like it separates well from the booty, here, which makes the booty look very round and full, not to mention she's leaning a bit to poke out the ass and covering the Mystery Space with her arm. Women cover spots they don't like, with their arms, in their pictures. Be aware of this.  So what exactly what she NOT wanting us to so? Well remember, the pants are designed to shape up fat to look thick, right? So let's observe the truth:

oh now u really not thicksee, you don't need to take the pants off to know what's really going on in their pants. Clear signs exist right in front of you. She does not have thighs that are thick and not watery/lumpy, and that ass' form wasn't consistent either, between the previous shot and this one. I mean that ass has completely disappeared and it's FLAT at the bottom of the ass leading into the back of the legs, yet the other picture showed fully round. Trickery at its best! Then the thighs have concentrations of fat that either spill over in certain areas, which creates pockets in others. How can thighs be THICK if they keep shape-shifting? That means the meat in those areas are  LOSE, and WATERY, not THICK!!!   There wouldn't be any meat pockets on the thighs or the ass.  So it's a plumper, with a Pig Tail booty, but surely not THICK.


Here are a few birds who are in form, and thick. They don't have to have trickery clothing, it's just THICK, with differing booty classes!

but soon, these in form bodies start to lose it, here and there, thighs, booty... some parts just start outpacing the rest of the body, with fat growth.  The result is the thickness starts to get lost, which is why they start the bullshit trickery to pack in the unwanted fat areas.  Observe how they've fallen out of 'THICKNESS'.

Slowly but surely the former thickness and shape fades becase these women are not known to have good diet nor do they exercise.  This is what it looks like, if they're lucky, the waistline starts to widen and the taper disappears.  The hips get collections of fat and since their taper is almost gone, but these ladies like to think they still have a taper because of hip fat widening their bodies. Then the leg fat outpaces the growth of the booty but rather than stop doubling up on cheese burgers, these ladies keep munching. The leg fat widens and, on most women, starts to overcome the body and begins to erase the edges of the ass, the ass crack and all, until you just get a wide and long ass.  Then you can't find the ass because it blended into the legs and you don't know where anything begins or ends.
Click the image below.

This continues until the leg fat piles on the side of the leg and flattens the ass. A fomer ass that had a good top has squared off and flattens all at the bottom of the ass. There is no bulb, the ass creases start to square out and flatten rather than remain widened.  Look where the bottom of the ass is on the backleg, that's very far down the body! Droop! It's all gone but this woman swears she's thick.

and it doesn't stop, these women just hide their shame under weaves and constrictive clothing.. until finally....
they've moved from being THICK... to being PLUMPERS!!!!  THESE ARE NOT THICK ANYMORE!!!! The cellulite cup runeth over, at this point, and the body is speaking out, crying "PLEASE... NO MORE!!!"

Thickness turns to mush, gravity pulls down all the curvature and the asses become very elongated. The ass crack is as long as their backs!  That's disgusting, a long fat and wide ass that blends seamlessly into the legs. But the asses and legs keep growing fatter but LONGER/DROOPIER, losing the form of the bodies.

and finally, due to MOTHER FUCKERS LIKE YOU... they continue to get fatter and fatter until an abundance of this shit pops up, and LANE BRYANTS open all over the fucking world, and Monique the fat black comedian manface makes 'sexy' lingerie for these chicks who keep growing in size... ALL BECAUSE OF YOU MOTHER FUCKERS who keep buying them clothes, thinking that they're still THICK.. and you now this you're to blame for her coming to bed wearing this old bullshit, trying to play like she's THICK because YOU told her she was!!!


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