(now we MUST weigh in on this! You people are killing us on this one, in forum comments about chicks who are clearly PLUMPERS, yet you're calling them THICK)

the lines aren't as blurred as this pic, but we're going to explain a chick who gets a LOT of references to being 'THICK' and it's NOT thick! Who's the mystery girl? Stay tuned! Just know, bend her over and it looks like this

 stand her up, it looks like this

Yes this IS her, note the tattoo and read on...

Aight, we've seen you, and you know who you are. You'll get in a forum, send an email, have a video you send to your boys and you say "yo shorty right there is mad thick!" Then you'll get a bunch of other numbnuts to see that and agree with you, but really, what you were looking at was a lot of meat, and you just call it 'THICK'. You could have said a general thing like 'shorty has a FAT ASS' and that is so general that it could be a good or bad fat ass, but THAT specifically states the ass is big. But to call a chick 'THICK' just because you see a large ass, well that doesn't make it thick, especially when you can CLEARLY see that body is not a muscular base, rather it's a body that is fat, or just a PLUMPER. What is a plumper?  A plumper is a body that is fat, but not necessarily HUGE AND OBESE, rather she's a little overweight but her form is very much so still evident. To be honest with you, I've loved a lot of plumpers, because most chicks, if not skinny, will be in this plumper range, especially as they get older and/or have babies. They're a comfortable body that you have on you on a Sunday morning, as she's serving you dinner in bed, and lays on you with her SOFT BODY.  Most guys don't have THICK girls, or we'd not have such a fuss over them when we see them, rather most of us have FAT, SKINNY, or PLUMPERS. See, plumpers are like pillow cushions, just all over the body. lol They can be PUDGY in most cases, for those under 5'6" but a plumper MUST still have her coke bottle shape still there, just not very much defined.  See, THICK, like being a PLUMPER, takes into consideration THE STATE OF THE WHOLE BODY, but our focus is midsection. If it's THICK, the thighs and butt tend to be on the solid end, mostly, and the mass doesn't move much. But a plumper, that meat is always jiggling, is often drooping, changes form in jeans/constriction, but feels like a pillow in your hands when you squeeze that ass. You CAN'T say that about a THICK chick. Thick doesn't give much fat meat up when you squeeze it, that's the difference.
On another note, people will see a fat, monster sized chick and see her ghetto booty and think that's THICK because her ass is huge, but again, that's incorrect to call it thick too, because many monster sized LARGE MARGE asses can easily get that size, and you surely can't say those are thick. So this section of the Ass Matrix will talk about a size of chick you can appreciate, and not call 'THICK' just to show dudes you love a nice soft body. We'll show you the progress of the laziest bitch I've ever seen in porn, ANELL. I mean LAZY! And her body NOW, is a testament to just how fucking lazy she is. Let's outline her path from tiny girl with a WELL DEFINED 'ASS SMILE' to her luck in porn, as a PLUMPER!

ANELL: The laziest turned luckiest porn chick out there!


Here is Annell. You might have seen her in porn, for the past 4 years.   Many of you probably don't recognize her, if you're new to porn, because well, this picture is from a video she was in when she was 18, which was like 4 years ago.  You see her now, you surely won't recognize her, by body, only by face. It's because she turned into a plumper, still cute, wouldn't throw it out of bed, but still, her body went through a COMPLETE transformation.  Back in the days, Anell was just a skinny little thing, she had a flat ass, but at the bottom of her ass, there was a very well defined gap, due to a nice Ass Smile.  She was barely anything special, just had dimples, really, so she went and got her tits done to be bigger. She just looked so BORED in porn. She looked like Paris Hilton in her porn! lol  For that, she wasn't getting real work, and because she looks like she's sleeping when she should be fucking, in films, she was stuck doing a bunch of films where there are 2 chicks and 1 dude in 3 some scenes.  Why? Because by herself, there wasn't much to look at, she was just SKINNY.  But the bottom of her ass had a collection of fat that looked good when bent over, so she'd only be put in scenes where she was bent over or you saw her riding a dude.  Check this out yourself, she was too lazy to make a whole porn scene only about her. So she disappeared, porn career basically a wash!  Who wanted to see a Latina with no ass?!  You have white girls if you want to see skinny chicks, and those white girls fuck wild and well. They do WHATEVER, they put it in the ass, put milk in the poon, whatever, those skinny white girls are there in porn for THAT! But a skinny chick who won't even do anal?  No need for her, not in white porn, and without a big ass, black porn didn't want her either! So why is she so lucky? Because in most black porn watchers don't even care about what a chick looks like or how she performs, they just want to see a lot of FAT on the ass! Very low porn standards! lol How did that help this chick who couldn't get good work as a skinny chick? Read on...

See, this is the Anell that most of you probably didn't see. Look at the tiny body. In particular, look at the flat ass! But just like I said, that bottom of her ass (ASS SMILE) was always well defined, so the porn directors and photographers would do something like this to her in shots that showed her ass, they'd HIDE the top of the ass, since there was nothing there and was flat, but they'd highlight the bottom of the ass.
Not uncommon, you've checked our section on how and why they did that.  Make note of the size of the ass though, we'll be coming back to this same ass in a second.


As I said, there was absolutely NOTHING  special about Anell, in old days, so they'd only use her when there were 3 somes. The directors would try their best to stay away from her ass, in shots, unless they could shoot the shots from UNDER the ass, and that's not an easy thing to do, considering that she's only 5 feet tall! Nonetheless, you can see here, that ass is FLAT, not where is it round in the side profile!    -->


...BUT take a look at the only reasons she was even IN porn. See that Ass smile? That is a VERY WELL DEFINED Ass Smile, which is so pronouced, no matter what happens to her body, that will still be around! But again, note, the top of that ass is flat and the ass crack is UNDER the butt. Still, you see a separation of ass and thighs here! See the butt cheeks?  

Also that Ass Smile created a HUGE gap between her ass cheeks!  This is the only reason they liked Anell, look at that nice shot of those cheeks! Very pronounced.  So how did that ass do, after no one called her for porn? Let's find out....

We fast forward to today and revist Anell and well, the view is not the same... Take a look at these shots right here, look the same? OH it doesn't? Take a look at that ass, at the love handles, the fat arms, ... still don't recognize? Take a look at the tatoo! Oh yes, that skinny chick you saw above is now this chick right here, but it's not all that bad, which we'll expore in a sec, but really, can you call this THICK?  It's looking rather out of shape, don't you think? Looks rather PLUMP instead of THICK.

yeah that belly and everything is busting out... she's better without clothes on!
                                   BEFORE                           AFTER
Obviously, you see the difference in girth of the body, she's much  more meat on her body, but she still have a form, but seriously, would you call it 'thick'? No, but it is PLUMP right?

Now, here we go with a shot of how it looks now, A STILL PHOTO (body is not moving so you can't get a full idea yet).  See how the ass smile of old, is still very much there in the new pic?


You can't get rid of that ass smile, no matter how fat she gets! That ass still holds up, today! But is she THICK or PLUMP? Of course when you bend over, it all seems excellent but let's proceed

Now, we know that a real thick chick is going to have a good ghetto booty or an apple bottom with mass. This ass right here... this is NOT a thick, but it IS a lot of ass, that has come a LONG way. I'll tell you this much, the ass is FULL but it can't be called thick. But let me make this clear, IN NO WAY ARE WE SAYING THAT WE WOULDN'T HIT THIS!!!It's just not THICK.  If this were thick, you'd not be able to pull panties and it huge up a huge piece of meat like this, making a huge dent! But if you've a lot of fat on the butt, well then you can see why this effect happens! Thick meat would never section off like this!  So that makes her a plumper, and not that plumpers are bad, they're not, they're just not  THICK, like the people seem to want to say.
Now you saw the picture to the left, there is no reall definition of ass, outside of the inner part of her ass. Remember, her body was a SMALL body with an ass smile so that inner part of the ass is the only part that has the real definition. 
The outside of the ass lead right into the leg, no separation, which disqualifies it from being an Apple Bottom, plus it moves around so much and can be shape shifted. It's a Ghetto Gooty only because it's huge now, but it's not a Ghetto Blaster because it doesn't really have that lift to it.  You'a slso see the ass creases without her trying to help influence your view by scrunching up her ass.  The crease should be there without holding it and forming it to look like something. That's the point of what pants do, they bunch it to look like what it's not.  So I'd not even classify this as good Good Ghetto Booty because it doesn't hold it's form in all angles.


Aight, so now you've seen what an ass looks like when it goes from SKINNY to FAT/PLUMPER, but really, you've only seen the shots of her in the better angles, where the ass has a likeable form.    Unfortunately, her ass is one where it was really tiny and it gained a LOT of meat, UNDER the ass, while meshing with the thighs and hip fat too.  This normally doesn't turn out to be good, but thanks to GENETICS (her being a Latina) that ass stayed somewhat like it was when it was smaller- meaning it didn't completely erode the Ass Smile she had as a skinny chick! This is her savior, if you will.  Her backshots look very full and nice, but of course that's bending over and stretching the skin and that's not REALLY what it looks like when she's standing up:

What it looks like when she's standing up is really this, unfortunately:

Now, you can see the that bottom of the ass has the collection of fat,
the ass crack is still deep and pronounced, but it surely isn't an apple bottom and surely  not THICK as you dudes keep claiming it is.  I hope this shot helps clear it up. Also, how does that ass hold up to a squeeze? Not really as much to grab as you though! Again, her ass is really that shit that is the collection of fat at bottom of ass. The ass has to be scoopped up but anytime you can see the impressions from fingers while grabbing, and it doesn't hold it's form, like in this pic above, THAT PHYSICALLY CAN'T BE THICK! It's big, it's jello-ish, but it's not solid/thick. If you gripped an ass on a chick who was really thick,
you might get some slack with the impression but not that much and that ass keeps form! Does this ass right here look like Anell's ass? NO!!! This ass to the right here is an ass on a thick chick! Anell's ass is like play dough! She's a plumper! Let's check out the panel to the right, for more details.

See, Anell represents the average chick out there. She started off at a small size then ballooned up out of nowhere. Luckily for her, black guys like sloppy white skinned chicks, there's a huge market for that, and they will zero in on ONLY her ass smil part of the ass and the fat that's on it, and go wild (just like Olivia O lovely and Luscious Lopez's flat asses). These are all in the same class, South American skinny chicks who got fat and now have the PLUMPER body. These others are also called 'THICK" when they shouldn't be called that either. So Anell got second life fucking around with black dudes, but STILL she's boring to watch and lazy on camera! She's just not entertaining and they only use her in doggy style shots for the whole length of the porns she's in!  She's very lucky to still have a job, due the to lack of porn standards of most black dudes today! Just like many chicks on her generation, she gets paid to have a fat ass and stand around! Her ass is still sub par, and not the best class of ghetto booty, more like a Pig Tail in the recent years! As you check the different angles on her butt, and not the typical camera tricks to promote her, THAT ASS IS MAD FLAT!!! I'd still hit that though, make NO mistake! Although, just know, THIS is her in action (she's LAZY on the dick, meng!):

In her transformation, from skinny to plumper, obviously the tight waistline is gone, but she did get plump thigh and booty, which is all that matters for this point. Due to genetics, that little Ass Smile that she had got carried over, when she got fatter, creating a huge separation between the ass cheeks. This saved her ass from looking like a complete disgusting, fat, sloppy mud flaps looking ass. Instead, that cute little ass she originally had didn't completely disappear, and like a Dannon yogurt, you have to look at the very bottom of the container to see the real flavor! Observe:

This was her small, original sized ass and you can see, the pointy little ass cheek and flat top of the ass.

As she got collection of fat on ass, it being arched like that, it just looks like a more plump version of the skinny ass!

But that's bending over so it forces you to only key into the white squared area... the least we could do is show you how that ass looks when it's upright. That flat ass, well you can never reverse a flat top of ass, no matter many squats you do or how many burgers you down!  And this is what that ass looks like when you don't focus on the UNDER ASS part flat top of the asses can't be reversed! And sadly enough, this is REALLY what her skinny ass transformed into a plumper, really looks like when it's up against gravity!

Change the angle up, look from top, doesn't look so full anymore, right? because it's not a shot from UNDER the ass!

and no real definition outside the ass smile area! No separation of thigh and fass and hip!  It's PUDGY and PLUMP at best!

Ready to take back your THICK statements about this chick? LMAO

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